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Why choose synthetic lubricants for your ATV?  The answer is easy: You want to get the most out of your quad, so naturally you want to put the best oil possible into it.
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Whether you have a four-wheeler, dirt bike, side-by-side, or a truck to take you off-road, maintenance is the key to getting many years of enjoyment out of your ATV. An amazing fact is that many people never (I mean never) do any regular maintenance on their ATVs.
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So you took the plunge and just spent a lot of money on a new (or new to you) ATV. So now what to do...what to do? You are going to take that new ATV and ride!!!!!! But wait......before you do, get to "know thy ATV"! Below are a few things to check on that new ATV before you tackle the trail or the track.

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Side-by-sides have grown in popularity in the last few years, and now represent the leading area of growth in the ATV segment. Side-by-sides offer some great benefits. They have been around for many years, but mostly for utilitarian purposes. Kawasaki has had the Mule out for years, and Polaris has had the Ranger line. Until recent years
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The wind: cold! The expanse: overwhelming! The views: breathtaking! The experience: life changing! The adventure: extreme! The place: The Rocky Mountains! The Rockies offer limitless adventures to ATV riders and other outdoor enthusiasts alike. From the wildlife to the amazing views, any time spent in the Rockies puts in perspective how small we really are.

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After making the intial purchase of an ATV, the next thing most people do is make some modifications to their ride. There are different reasons for these changes, but you can narrow it down to performance and usability. Some of these "mods" increase speed while others just insure you will continue to make it down the track or trail.

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Now you have your ATV, and you are ready to Make it Your Own by accessorizing it for your use. So what are your choices? Good news, there is no limit to accessories for ATVs of all types. We have compiled a list of common accessories to get you started. These can be purchased from any number of stores from your local ATV dealer to online distributors and outdoor stores.



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With the number of all-terrain vehicle riders climbing past 16 million nationally, the sport of ATV riding is grabbing attention as land managers try to balance its popularity with the country’s natural resources. “ATV riding can be a blast,” said Patti Klein, National Stewardship Coordinator for the Bureau of Land Management. “But it can also be damaging to public lands if not done responsibly. As land managers, we encourage people to help protect the great outdoors by riding responsibly and practicing outdoor ethics, like those created by Tread Lightly!." Tread Lightly!, a nonprofit organization that educates people to recreate responsibly, has issued some practical tips on minimizing the impact of ATVs on the environment.

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Welcome to what will become the greatest ATV community of ATV fanatics on the planet!!!!!!!  It is our desire to make your experience here on incredible.  We want this community, our community, to provide a single source of the best information, education, and collaboration about ATVs there is anywhere.  Together we can accomplish this. So don't be shy. Look at the articles, find places to ride, connect with other riders and clubs, find out what the industry is doing, talk on the forums, write about your ATV experiences and opinions on your blog, create and join groups and events. Then contribute to the community through submitting new riding destinations, rating a certain ATV, adding a term to the ATV Terms Index, helping someone fix a mechanical problem on the forums, and many other ways of giving back to this community. Together we will become the biggest and best ATV community anywhere. 


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So many choices: utility quad, sport quad, dirt bike, side-by-side! What kind of ATV do I want, and which one should I choose? Those questions plague people when they are choosing an ATV. Not only are there choices about which specific ATV to choose, but also which brand, type, motor size, transmission, and a wide array of different features. All of these choices can be overwhelming. So where do you start?

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ATV Safety

Everyone wants to have the most possible fun on an ATV.  ATVs, dirt bikes, and side-by-sides provide a great deal of fun, but, when operated improperly, can be dangerous. Accidents on ATV's can ruin your experience, and leave a rider hurt.  I have witnessed accidents, and I can say almost all of ATV accidents could have been avoided if people had followed some basic rules and used common sense.  ATV's can roll over or flip over if operated improperly.  The following list of safety principles should help get you started.

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Now the time has come to get out on the trail and have some fun.  With so many people out-and-about on ATVs, it is important to work together to make everyone's experience and adventure the best possible.  Many public riding areas are in danger of being closed because of negligence in following some basic "rules of the trail". It is important for the ATV community to adhere to some basic considerations for riding, such as those listed here:

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