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Amsoil was kind enough to submit this article addressing some common questions about different kind of lubricants for ATVs. Take a view moments to run through them as it is great information.

1.How often should ATV owners change their 4-stroke oil? General amount of operating hours.

It is recommended that the manufacturer’s oil change recommendations be followed. When using a quality synthetic oil such as AMSOIL, however, you may extend the interval up to twice the manufacturer’s recommendation or 6 months.

2. How much does racing affect the frequency to changing oil?

Professional racing teams generally change the fluids after each race. When speaking in racing terms, protection is far more important than change intervals. It is always best to use oil that will withstand the high heat and stress of racing. AMSOIL synthetics offer very high film strength and resistance to thermal breakdown, even under the most severe operating conditions.

3. Does riding the quad cold affect 4-stroke oil performance?

Operating any engine in the cold can affect the oil’s performance. Because of their low pour points AMSOIL synthetics by their very nature offer increased flow at colder temperatures. This will provide greater protection by moving lubricant to vital moving parts faster in cold conditions.

4. Is there a way riders can assess the condition of the oil to determine if they need to change it? What should riders look for in the oil. Is there an acceptable amount of material in the oil from the clutch?

Visual inspection of the oil yields very little in the way of oil condition. If the goal is to extend the oil change interval, laboratory oil analysis can tell a lot about the oil and any excessive wear developing in the engine.

5. What sort of conditions are harshest on motor oil? Will dusty, hot, cold conditions affect frequency of changing?

Dirt and dust can be greatly reduced by using quality filtration. For extremes of hot and/or cold, quality synthetic oil such as AMSOIL can greatly reduce the affects of hot and cold operation.

6. What are some signs of something serious going on.

Without the use of oil analysis it is very difficult to determine impending failure. There is really nothing that can replace a good maintenance regime that includes the use of quality lubricants.

7. What about machines like the Honda 450R where the chambers are separate for transmission and crankcase. What are some of the different oils you can use?

Our AMSOIL MCF 10W40 offers all of the qualities necessary for both the crankcase and transmission in this case.

8. Is synthetic oil bad for clutches?

No. AMSOIL synthetics offer better hot and cold protection for wet clutches. Contrary to older popular belief it is not whether the oil is synthetic or not, but is rather the type of additive package that determines wet clutch performance. AMSOIL motorcycle and ATV oils are specifically formulated to provide the frictional characteristics necessary for optimal wet clutch performance.

You can find out more about Amsoil by checking out their Amsoil Website. You can view their guide for choosing the right Amsoil lubricant for your ATV here.

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