Adventure Series

Adventure Series

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the staffthe staff   April 28, 2021   0

  In front of you is a choice. You can go left, right, forward, or backward because you are at a crossroads. Crossroads are a good thing in life. Crossroads, many times are the genesis of amazing things such as life-changing decisions, a “make it happen moment”, and, as legend has it, the birth of blues music. Nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado lies one such crossroad, where the off-road-loving-type find 

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the staffthe staff   May 13, 2016   0

 Dumont Dunes: It’s the ONE sand dune location that has always seemed to elude me. Growing up, I have had a fascination with visiting every possible sand dune spot that I could. And, not only in the U.S… I’ve searched out places in China, Africa, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, and many others, just to name a few. Why this fascination with the sand? Well, it isn’t merely because I like to feel the sand between my toes… 

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the staffthe staff   April 17, 2014   5

When you think of your ultimate off road riding adventure, what comes to mind? For us, we like to imagine riding on uncharted terrain, somewhere we haven’t been before. A place that takes us away from the threaded business of life and into a “jungle” of sorts. Basically, we like leaving our cell phones and daily essentials behind to enjoy a back road adventure.

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   October 21, 2009   8

All of us remember the feeling we get when we involve ourselves in something really exciting for the first time. Maybe for you it was the first ball game you played in, or the first time you went hunting with your dad. It could be the first movie you went to see, or a concert. We have all  been lying in our beds the night before an exciting event with the inability to sleep because we are so looking forward to what the next day and the experience hold for us. The feeling I am referring to seems to come less often as we get older, but there is nothing like that anticipation of something special.

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the staffthe staff   July 01, 2008   4

The wind: cold! The expanse: overwhelming! The views: breathtaking! The experience: life changing! The adventure: extreme! The place: The Rocky Mountains! The Rockies offer limitless adventures to ATV riders and other outdoor enthusiasts alike. From the wildlife to the amazing views, any time spent in the Rockies puts in perspective how small we really are.

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