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Are you always doing your own maintenance? Do you want to make your life easier when servicing your clutch components on a Can-Am vehicle? This will be the answer to your CVT servicing needs.   

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the staffthe staff   December 26, 2008   4
When it comes to helmets, the decision to wear one can be a matter of life or death in the event of a bad spill. So obviously a helmet is the single most important piece of riding gear an OHV enthusiast can wear. Those of us who always wear helmets often wonder what the problem is with folks who refuse to do so. Modern helmets are actually very comfortable and lightweight, providing the rider with a lot of confidence and protection from the elements. Many off-road helmets are also vented, so getting too hot is no longer a valid excuse for not wearing one. Of course, if you happen to be riding in an area where it’s against the law to ride without a helmet, well you aren’t going to have a choice!
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A new name- ROV, Recreational Off-highway Vehicle- for the increasingly popular side-by-sides and UTV categories is announced by ROHVA, as well as safety rules, equipment standards, configuration, performance requirements and guidelines for trail access issues.

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Side-by-sides have grown in popularity in the last few years, and now represent the leading area of growth in the ATV segment. Side-by-sides offer some great benefits. They have been around for many years, but mostly for utilitarian purposes. Kawasaki has had the Mule out for years, and Polaris has had the Ranger line. Until recent years
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Welcome to ATV Escape

Welcome to what will become the greatest ATV community of ATV fanatics on the planet!!!!!!!  It is our desire to make your experience here on ATVEscape.com incredible.  We want this community, our community, to provide a single source of the best information, education, and collaboration about ATVs there is anywhere.  Together we can accomplish this. So don't be shy. Look at the articles, find places to ride, connect with other riders and clubs, find out what the industry is doing, talk on the forums, write about your ATV experiences and opinions on your blog, create and join groups and events. Then contribute to the community through submitting new riding destinations, rating a certain ATV, adding a term to the ATV Terms Index, helping someone fix a mechanical problem on the forums, and many other ways of giving back to this community. Together we will become the biggest and best ATV community anywhere. 


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