Adding Power Steering To Your Ride- EPS Buyer's Guide

Adding Power Steering To Your Ride- EPS Buyer's Guide Hot

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 ATV ESCAPE Power Steering Buyer's Guide

Of all the features the ATV and UTV industry has seen in the last few years, no feature has been more of a “game changer” than power steering. Thanks to Yamaha blazing the EPS trail, power steering is now an industry standard that makes riding ATVs and UTVs that much more of an enjoyable experience. If you have haven’t ridden an ATV or UTV with power steering, then you really need to, because you will want it once you experience it! Now we can hear some of you saying “it is not a big deal”, but that tends to be heard from people who haven’t had it. We can also hear others saying “it is not worth the extra $1000 to $1300”. Again, that tends to be from people who have never had it. We can say without a doubt that the extra money is worth every penny, and we wouldn’t have any new machine without it. But what about those of us who either have machines that were made before EPS became available or didn’t know how much we were missing? Well, good news ATV and UTV fans, because you can add EPS to many ATVs made in the last 15 years, and almost all UTVs. A few companies make aftermarket EPS kits for the masses who want to add EPS to their favorite machine.

When we started compiling companies who make power steering kits, you would think there would be quite a few. As it turns out, this is not the case. There are only a small handful of companies that do, and almost none who make ATV EPS kits. We searched long and hard in order to compile the following list, still surprised there are not more. So, this is not an exhaustive list, but it is pretty darn close and not for lack of trying! We hope this will help make your jaunt into the great outdoors that much more enjoyable.


Tip- Make sure your stator can handle the extra electricity needed to run the EPS kit. The more recent the machine the more likely they are to handle it with no issues. You can buy a bigger stator for not much money if need be.

Your Machine Manufacturer

Every manufacturer of ATVs and UTVs offers EPS on their models, and consequently offer EPS add-ons for current as well as older models in their lineups. There are pros and cons to going with such a add-on. The con is the price, since it is typically $300-$500 dollars more than the aftermarket kit. The pro is the fact it should fit perfectly.

SuperATV Power Steering Kit

SuperATV Power Steering Kit

EZ Steer SuperATV Power Steering Kit

SuperATV EZ Steer Power Steering Kits

SuperATV’s kits are the only ones we found for ATVs, and they offer kits for quite a few makes and models of ATVs. They also make kits for most UTVs and even many golf carts.

SuperATV EZ Steer Power Steering Website


Wicked Bilt Power Steering Kit

Wicked Bilt Power Steering Kit

Wicked Bilt Electra-Steer Power Steering Kits

Wicked Built Electra-Steer power steering kits are available for UTVs only, and are offered for many of the UTVs available on the market.

Wicked Bilt Electra-Steer Power Steering Kits Website

 If you know of any other kits that are available then please let us know below so we can add them to the list.

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