UPDATED- ATVESCAPE Is Announcing Our Polaris Sportsman X2 Build

UPDATED- ATVESCAPE Is Announcing Our Polaris Sportsman X2 Build Hot

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Polaris Sportsman X2 550We recently received our new 2012 Polaris Sportsman X2 550 from Polaris, and we have many a trail mile to cover on this machine. The Sportsman X2 will be going to Colorado this summer on a ten day adventure, and we can't wait to put this machine "through the paces".  We got to thinking before we hit the open range into oblivion, we should add a few accessories to it. This led us to thinking it was time to do a "build" of some kind. So ATVESCAPE is proud to announce our Polaris Sportsman X2 Build project. In reality we are going to add a few accessories to it in order to customize it some, and add to its already capable self.

Viper Elite WinchThe first thing on the agenda is a winch. In the past no winch has been added to any test machines as we try to keep them as stock as possible. Also, everything added to a test machine must be removed before it is returned. During the 400 miles traversed using our 2011 Polaris Ranger RZR 800, we came upon and fell into a mud hole of which there was no return without a 4 mile hike, 10 mile ride in a car, and a 14 mile return trip doubled up behind someone I didn't know on an ATV made for one. After that experience, we came to the conclusion a winch was going to always be along for each and every ride. A wise man told me once "you never need a winch until you need it", and we were reminded how true that is, after our knee deep experience in cow poop and mud. Time to add a winch to our test machines.

Viper has stepped up to our Sportsman X2 build, and sent us a Viper Elite 4000lb winch. You will see this winch on the Sportsman X2 as well as some of our future test machines. The Viper Elite comes with all sorts of accessories including a remote control, synthetic line, cover, and other winching components to get you out of any jam or challenge you find yourself in on purpose or not. We will be doing a full product test of this winch from what is in the box to installation, and how the winch performs.

What would be a customize rig without aftermarket wheels and tires. ITP has stepped up, and is throwing into the build a set of their new Black Water 8 ply tires along with a set of recently introduced SS216 wheels. The Black Waters are designed to be a solid trail tire, and with 8 plys an incredibly strong tire. The SS216 wheels are cast aluminum with a lifetime structural warranty, and they have a 1000lb weight rating. This tire and wheel setup will give a fantastic look to our rig along with adding a bullet-proof capability.

 ITP Black WaterITP SS216 Wheel

Tiger TailThe guys over at Tiger Tail are sending us the right hitch adapter to put our famed Tiger Tail onto the X2. You can read our past review on the Tiger Tail here, and you can check them out at www.tigertail.us. We at ATVESCAPE do not leave home without our Tiger Tail. We have the ATV model, but placed it on our 2011 Polaris RZR 800. It got used last summer to pull the RZR out of a real mud hole where we were buried to the frame! It is a "must" on our rides.

Hi-Lift Jack

Hi-Lift is contributing one of their Hi-Lift jacks specifcally designed for ATVs and UTVs. We sure wish we had had this for some of the messes we have been in on our adventures. This Hi-Lift jack brings all of the advantages off-roaders have had on their vehicles for years to the ATV and UTV market. We are glad to have this tool in our tool bag.

We will be trying to figure out what else to add to our Sportsman X2 build, and if you have any suggestions then leave a comment below with your ideas.


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