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KFI SE35 Stealth Winch Review

One of the top critical accessories that fall into the “must have” category is a good winch. A winch can mean the difference between returning to camp or not, so we generally put one on every machine we get. There is nothing like burying your machine in the mud somewhere off in the sunset, hitting the switch on your winch, only the find nothing happens. So, if you are going to get a winch, it better be a good one, and our KFI Stealth 3500LB winch indeed is a good one. We installed this one on our Kawasaki Teryx demo, giving us that warm-fuzzy feeling that we are in good hands no matter what the situation might be. 

KFI SE35 Stealth Winch Review


KFI sent us a SE35 Stealth winch, and the appropriate mounting plate. The Stealth series is KFI’s top-of-the-line winch family, and it comes in black, which just looks cool. This winch sports a 50-foot synthetic cable with protective sheath, mountable rocker switch, handheld remote, and cable hook stopper that attaches without having to remove the cable from the drum (this is very important). The SE35 has a 3500LB rating, offering plenty of pulling power. It has water resistant seals to keep the elements out, and a mechanical breaking system, which is a big plus. There is also a 1 year warranty to put your mind at ease. The final piece of the puzzle is the proper mount for the ATV or UTV on which you are planning to mount it. 

KFI SE35 Stealth Winch Review

KFI SE35 Stealth winch in the box.


We have installed many winches over the years, and the KFI was a breeze to install. Instructions were easy to understand, and the installation went right along with those instructions. Installing a winch happens in two stages. First, you have to get a bracket that fits your side-by-side or ATV, and mount the winch to the bracket and then the bracket to your machine. This could not have been easier or more straight forward. The next step is to wire the winch to the battery/electrical system.  Since our Teryx was a demo, we had to install everything temporarily rather than permanently, which made it a little more difficult. Rather than mounting the electric contactor to the back of the dash, we zip-tied it on the frame. This worked perfectly, and then wiring everything was a cinch. Another big plus was the fact the cable hook stopper could go over the loop at the end of the synthetic cable. This meant we didn’t have to disconnect the cable from the drum, which is a huge pain in the backside. After a couple of hours our winch was ready for action, and the installation could not have been easier. 

KFI SE35 Stealth Winch Review

Engaging or disengaging the winch is very easy.

Operation & Performance

Using the SE35 Stealth winch was a cinch. Even after several hundred miles in the dust, water, and mud, the clutch works with no complaints to engage and disengage the pulling gear. When using the winch to pull, it pulls with a feeling that exudes confidence it is going to get you out. Though we never HAD to use it in the months we had our Teryx, we used it to run it through the paces, and it performed flawlessly. Even on significant inclines where the winch had to pull most of the weight of our Teryx, it just worked. This winch can be counted on when it counts. 

KFI SE35 Stealth Winch Review

A rocker switch can easily be mounted inside for letting the cable in or out.


KFI makes a good and reliable winch for ATVs and UTVs in its Stealth series. We have heard that from several customers as well as other media outlets. Our experience with the KFI SE35 has been nothing but good, and we can’t think of anything we didn’t like about it. This winch is moving to our Polaris RZR 900 demo, to be relied on yet again to be there when we need it. If you are in the market for a winch to depend on for those “hairy” situations you may find yourselves in the wild blue yonder, then consider a KFI Stealth series winch.

KFI SE35 Stealth Winch Review





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Looks like a good winch at a reasonable price.

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