Adventure Time- Cross Bar Offroad Park- Davis, OK

Adventure Time- Cross Bar Offroad Park- Davis, OK Hot

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Adventure Time- Cross Bar Offroad Park- Davis, OK

Riding Cross Bar Offroad Park 

Nestled in Davis, Oklahoma is an off-road park which has a lot to offer. Complete with 6500 acres, miles of trails, RV sites, primitive and tent camping, a small general store, and even a bunkhouse to rent, Cross Bar Offroad Park is full of fun and adventure. Cross Bar is about 70 miles South of Oklahoma City and about 120 miles North of Dallas/Ft Worth, making it an attainable day trip or a multi-day ride for plenty of people.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine and I decided it was time to get out and get some riding into our lives! I suggested we head up to Cross Bar as it had been years since I had ridden the place. What I remembered was how primitive the land was with significant elevation changes and rough terrain. That seemed like a good place to go so we made plans to make the trip. We also decided our vehicles of choice would be ATVs for this trip, and it just so happened I have a Honda Rubicon 520 and Can-Am Outlander 1000 XT-P in desperate need of some more “testing”.

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Arriving at the park some significant changes were immediately evident compared to previous visits. The entrance was cleared out and there was a nice cabin and general store where you checkin and get your wristbands you wear for the time in the park. The general store has some basics for you to purchase and certainly offers some good conversation with the very likable park attendant who can help you get the lay of the land. In addition, we received a “map” of the park with a layout of the current trails. We then headed up the road to find a place to park, unload, and gear up for some exploration. I chose to throw my leg over the Honda Rubicon 520 while my friend took the Can-Am Outlander 1000. It was nice that both of these ATVs have some storage space to carry some items without an external box. After throwing in some water, a tow strap, and some tire plugs we were ready to hit the trail.

 Riding Cross Bar Offroad Park

Our ATVs of choice for this adventure.

The Riding & Terrain

Heading out something became pretty clear right away. The terrain at Cross Bar is both extremely rocky and has quite a bit of elevation change on a good bit of all of the trails. The majority of trails are cut out of cedar-covered terrain. There are also some areas that are a bit smoother with some sandy-soil, though those are not the majority of the trails. Other trails have bigger trees with covered hillsides making for some beautiful riding. We found some creeks to cross in addition to creeks you actually can ride through. We found all of this out in the first few minutes of riding. We also found out that the map doesn’t show all the trails, and where we thought we were on the map was not where we were on the map!

The very first trail we chose proved to be very rocky with rock obstacles along the way to challenge experienced ATV riders. The unmarked trails proved to be tight also, which was not a problem for our ATVs but would be a problem for a side-by-side in the event you met another side-by-side on the trail. Also, unmarked trails proved to be so tight that any side-by-side would get scratched. The marked trails overall were wider with spots to pass, but also at times would be tight. It was nice to be able to slowly cruise up and down these unmarked and marked trails on ATVs since we could pick our spots to take along the trails.

No matter the trails we chose to ride, we found ourselves climbing up or coming down hills with lots of rocks and quickly finding the need for 4WD in addition to picking our spots going over the rocks. There were several times I would come to a spot and need to put the Rubicon in Low range and flip the switch to lock the front diff because of the rocks I needed to go over or come down. The Outlander on the other hand was put into Low and already in 4WD, and would work to send power to a front wheel with the traction. In both cases the 4WD and the low range was needed in order to get through the rock obstacles. Eventually we came to obstacles that the ATVs just couldn’t get over safely, and several times had to turn around a go back, but that is all part of the adventure. The ruggedness of Cross Bar is part of its appeal.

Riding Cross Bar Offroad Park

Then there were the wider marked trails that we tackled. The rocks were on these trails also, but these trails where wide enough and flat enough to just go around the rocks. Then we would get to a section with more serious rocks you had to go over. Some of these sections on the “easy” green trails required picking our spots on the ATVs in order to make it safely. There were some marked trails on the South side of the park that we just didn’t have the time to get to ride. I remember years ago that some of those trails were pretty easy, and allowed for some “spirited” riding. We just never really had a chance to ride those in the time we were there. The Outlander 1000 XT-P never had any opportunity to unleash the power on anything we rode. In fact most of the trails are more slow going on an ATV. Not that there is anything wrong with that since part of riding is experiencing the outdoors!

Lots To See

Cross Bar offers some of the best views of any riding park anywhere in our area. With the elevation changes there are vistas named things like Look Out Mountain and Wheeler Peak, and don’t forget taking the time to cruise by The Bus. For me the rugged beauty of the place is truly appealing. The vistas are equally incredible. 

Really Hard Stuff

For all you side-by-side owners out there I can tell you there are some rock obstacles at Cross Bar that will challenge you and your rig no matter how good you are behind the wheel! In taking some of the trails, we stumbled on more than one that had rock faces only really talented people would even attempt to tackle. We are talking full-fledged custom buggies would struggle with these rock faces. If that is you, then have at it. For the rest of us, we will watch and cheer you on from a safe distance.

I would also say that for ATVs there are some truly challenging sections, including some sections ATVs just can’t get over no matter your skill level. Some of these same sections are easy for a side-by-side because of its length, width, and travel. Make sure you know your limits as an ATV rider on many of these trails because you will find your limits if you don’t.

Riding Cross Bar Offroad Park Main Camp


On site there are RV sites or improved camping sites with electricity and water, and primitive camping spots all over the park. There are bathrooms but no shower facilities at the moment. We chose to stay in the Paul’s Valley, which has a handful of hotels and motels about 20 minutes North of Davis on I-35. You can also stay in Ardmore about 25 miles South of Davis on I-35. Then there are some cabins and a casino in Davis which offer accommodations for you.

Future Plans

When I think Cross Bar Offroad Park I think about the incredible potential of the place. There are plenty of acres to cut many many trails. There are plans for shower facilities, more accommodations, mountain bike trails, and horseback riding trails. There is just so much potential to this park. 

A Good Time

I like Cross Bar Offroad Park for all sorts of reasons. I love the scenery and elevation changes it has offer. I also like the ruggedness of the place with its creeks, trees, and vistas. The takeaway from our riding experience is that the majority of trails are pretty rocky. I would suggest that this park is ideal in many ways for side-by-sides, but overall difficult for ATVs. Though many of the trails are ideal for the size of ATVs, the skill level required to tackle them on an ATV is on the high side. Just be aware of that if you plan to bring your ATVs to Cross Bar Offroad Park. Side-by-sides will have no trouble tackling the majority of trails except for the extreme ones. No matter what vehicle you choose, be sure to bring a tire-plug kit and an air compressor as these rocks can be brutal on tires. We had a good time and I look forward to exploring more of the park on the next trip.

The Spot

4550 Dolese Rd, Davis, OK 73030 580-247-7244

The Details

Open: Thursday-Sunday 9:00AM - 5:00 PM

Cost: 16+ $20 a day

        10-15 $10 per day

         9 & under Free

Improved camping (water & electric) $35 per night

Primitive camping $15 per night

Tent camping $10 per tent per night

Cross Bar Offroad Park Website-


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