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Red River Motorcycle Trails 

In my riding experiences, I can’t say I have ever been on a ride I didn’t enjoy even though I have had my share of mishaps.  There is nothing like pulling up to the gate or trailhead of a place to ride and having that feeling of impending exploration and conquest.  All of us have had rides, however, which remain in our minds as extra special or memorable. Every ride I have had at Red River Motorcycle Trails has always been one of those special rides. Something happens in a moment’s time to make the experience extraordinary. Red River Motorcycle Trails is absolutely pristine, and one of the premier parks in Texas. Whether it is the beauty of the place, the great trails full of obstacles, the varying terrain, or the scenery, something always happens to make it an unforgettable ride. Red River Motorcycle Trails
Red River Motorcycle Trails is located in Bulcher, Texas, which is about an hour North-West of Denton and about an hour and a half from Dallas.  The closest town is Muenster, Texas where there are several places to eat and fill up with gas. As you head North out of Muenster, the beauty of the scenery makes the drive getting there a pleasure all its own.  In 2008, Red River Motorcycle Trails celebrated its 36th anniversary of serving the ATV and dirt bike community, and people come in droves to ride there.  This park is now 2700 acres in size, and has everything an ATV, dirt bike, and UTV rider could ask for. There are easily 100+ miles of trails. It has open trails, wooded trails, creek bottoms, many hills and wooded hillsides, water, some mud, sandy areas, beautiful overlooks of the Red River, spectacular scenery, and wildlife. The park has terrain for any skill level from beginner to expert, so it is extremely family friendly. This is an ideal place to go out for the weekend, set up your own little world, and spend the entire weekend being "a kid in the candy store of adventure and fun."
Red River Motorcycle TrailsDriving up to the gate, you are greeted with a sign welcoming you to the park. On the left you will see the office where you check in. From there you can go towards different parking areas. There are several picnic tables and campsite areas available along with covered pavilions. In the works is a new “members” section which will include nice bathrooms and showers. There are also some RV connections, and more are planned. Suffice it to say there is plenty of space to “settle in” before and after the ride.  The park is split by a tributary funneling water into the Red River. This very large ravine is ridable all the way to the Red River. The water level in the ravine can determine how much mud you will get into. Much of it has sand on the bottom, so it is passable without much worry. Other times the silt from rains collects in the bottom and make for a whole lotta stuck!  The majority of the rest of the park on either side of the ravine is covered in trees, with open areas scattered about.  Most of the trails are hard pack with some sand in the soil, many of which run through the woods.  Some trails have stretches where you can open up the CC’s in the engine begging to get out.  There are also a couple of areas offering several paths up some very technically challenging hill climbs.  This would include “rock crawling” to test your skills. Many trails have drastic elevation changes as you traverse them.  Finally, there is a dirt bike only section, and some trails clearly cut for dirt bike traffic. So in summary, no matter how you like to ride, you will not be disappointed at Red River Motorcycle Trails!

Red River Motorcycle TrailsI would be remiss in not talking about the scenery. The scenery at Red River Motorcycle Trails is incredible. The terrain is just beautiful Texas landscape. Several spectacular overlooks of the Red River exist on the long trail that meanders its way along the cliffs of the shoreline.  It is impossible for the breathtaking views not to cause one to pause and take notice. No matter what it is that you love about riding, the vista is just the icing on the cake of the overall experience.

The ride for me on a recent day was exhilarating. The wind was out of the North at 30 MPH with gusts of 40 to 50 MPH, and a bit chilly. There were just a few people left from the long Thanksgiving weekend tackling the terrain, but for me it was mostly a quiet ride. I was climbing up and down trails in and out of trees, tackling technical hill climbs, and just enjoying the trail along the Red River. Then it happened: the moment I alluded to in the beginning. The moment where something happens which inscribes itself in your mind forcing a special memory you draw on in the future.  There is a solace in these moments and memories where things become clear and unclear at the same time. The picture below captures what words cannot.  We will see you on the trail!

Red River Motorcycle Trails

For directions, contact information, more pictures, amenities, website information, ratings, reviews, and more, check out the Red River Motorcycle Trails listing in our Riding Destinations Directory, as well as the Red River Motorcycle Trails website. You can keep up with the latest news and trail conditions on the Red River Motorcycle Trails Blog . Please tell them you read about them on

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Red River Motorcycle TrailsRed River Motorcycle Trails
Red River Motorcycle TrailsRed River Motorcycle Trails
Red River Motorcycle Trails Red River Motorcycle Trails
Red River Motorcycle Trails Red River Motorcycle Trails
Red River Motorcycle Trails Red River Motorcycle Trails
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