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Typical  TrailSpace! Space is something all off-road enthusiasts crave--space where we can stretch our legs and explore, as well as space where we can get "lost" and conquer what is "out there." People like us can never have too much space. Crossbar Ranch is an off-road enthusiast's paradise because space is what it has in abundance. With over 2800 of the 6500 total acres dedicated to ATV, UTV, and dirt bike trails, space is not lacking in any way. With 38 miles of trails cut, and more being added, Crossbar has just scratched the surface of the amount of space it has available. You could go out on a weekend with thirty or forty riders, and still not come across them on the trails. Now that is space we can enjoy! There is a real sense of "exploration" and "adventure" with the way the trails are laid out. At times, looking out across the mountain tops, you almost get the feeling of what the Old West must have been like. With so much usable space, Crossbar Ranch is an outstanding place to go for the day, the weekend, or every day (if we ATVer's had our way).

Crossbar Ranch is located in the Arbuckle Mountains near the town of Davis, Oklahoma, appromiximately 55 miles North of the border of Texas on Interstate 35. Crossbar Ranch is owned by the City of Davis, and is dedicated to outdoor activites, including ATV riding, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, camping, and much more. The overall "feel" of the ranch is that of a large, sprawling section of land filled with mountains, streams, ledges, and trees. There is also a sense of being in a remote area, even though Davis, Oklahoma, is only eight miles away. The scenery is quite beautiful, offering many different views of the Arbuckle Mountains. You should take a camera along, as you will have plenty of opportunites to use it and would regret not having it with you. Crossbar Ranch is family friendly, with trails for all riding skill levels.

Cross Bar Ranch EntranceFrom the moment you enter the front gate of the park and start up the first hill on the main road, you will know that the terrain at Crossbar can be summed up with one word: rocky. Nearly all of the trails, with few exceptions, are extremely rocky. You will not find any mud here. If you have a choice between a solid axle or idependent suspension ATV, you should take the independent suspension machine to ride these trails. There are currently two primary trail loops with small trails expanding out in a few spots. Both trail loops wind through the vast area of the park. There is the blue loop, which is moderately challenging, and there is the red loop, which is more challenging. The red loop has some definite hill climbs which would be considered challenging even for an experienced rider. Most of the really steep hills have a spot to go around them if you choose to. There are plenty of long rocky hill climbs which aren't really dangerous, but get the heart pumping. Crossbar has some of the most extreme elevation changes I have seen in the south. Many of the trails go up and down some substantial hills/mountains. All in all, this terrain makes for some great trail riding, though you will be tired and sore by the end of the day (which just means it was a good ride!).

When you enter the front gate, you will see a guard station on your left. There may or may not be anyone inside where you can check in.Cross Bar Ranch Trail If there isn't, you will undoubtedly run into the man responsible for Crossbar Ranch, Gary Taylor. He keeps an eye on things, and is clearly proud of all the things which make Crossbar so appealing as a getaway and an off-roader's paradise. As you continue winding up and over a couple of mountains, you will come to a right turn in the road which takes you to the ranch headquarters. At the intersection you will notice some new bathroom facilities and RV pads which have recently been completed. Continuing straight brings you through a gate and down to a large parking area (an open field) with plenty of picnic tables and camping areas. Find a spot to park, settle in a little, then get your gear out and hit the trails. Maps are available from Gary when you register, pay the fee, and sign the liablity waiver.

The available amenities include bathrooms next to the new RV pads, and near the campsites. There are picinic tables and barbecues which, when completed, will be located at every campsite. There are two separate RV areas which, when completed, will offer 35 RV pads, all of which will have electricity.

Cross Bar Ranch SceneryOverall, I would rate this park high on my list of favorite places to ride in the south. The size alone puts it in a category with only a handful of contenders. The changes in elevation make for some fantastic trails covering a lot of remote ground. You will also experience some great views along the way. Though this park does not have all of the amenities of some other places, it does have enough to make your stay very enjoyable. In fact, the lack of some amenities is one of the most endearing aspects about this place. To add to all these reasons why Crossbar is a great place is the fact that it is family friendly. You can certainly take your little ones along on the trip and still have trails which are challenging for the experienced. Once you ride Crossbar, you will be coming back to ride it again and again. We will see you on the trail!

For more information on Crossbar ranch, including contact information, maps, directions, and more pics, you can visit the Cross Bar Ranch listing in our riding destinations section . You can also visit their website at If you go ride this park, please tell them you heard about Cross Bar Ranch on!

Equipment Suggestions
Tires: Crossbar's rocky terrain is hard on tires. Both times I have ridden at Crossbar, I have punctured my stock 4-ply tires. Be sure to take a tire plug kit along with a compressor or CO2 canister to fix and fill your tires should you get a flat. Check out our Basic Trail Kit article for information on tire plugs and other items you might want to carry along on your adventures.

RV PadsCross Bar Ranch Trail

Cross Bar Ranch Trail Picnic Area

BathroomsCross Bar Ranch Trail

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