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Lake Murray ViewWith the weather supposed to be in the mid 70’s and cloudy, I headed off into the unknown to explore and conquer a riding park in Southern Oklahoma named Lake Murray ATV Park. I was not exactly sure what to expect as I headed out, but as always I was thrilled and excited to get to ride. One thing was obvious as I pulled into the parking lot: This is a popular place!

Lake Murray ATV Park is located on the North East shore of Lake Murray State Park outside of Ardmore Oklahoma. With its close proximity to exit 29 on I-35, Lake Murray ATV Park is an easily accessible place to pack up for the day or the weekend to go ride. Ardmore is located about 90 miles North of Dallas/Fort Worth and 90 Miles South of Oklahoma City, and offers the typical array of creature comforts you would expect in a medium size town. People from both cities make the relatively short drive to this place, and there can be no doubt it is a fan favorite. Lake Murray ATV Park offers approximately 1000 acres of fun for ATVs and dirt bikes with a wide variety of terrain and skill level riding, but the terrain is primarily easy riding. There are also campgrounds and RV slips on-site. On a typical weekend there will be 200 to 300 people, with holidays pushing 600 to 700 people. The facilities are very nice which makes the experience that much better. Lake Murray ATV Park is a good park for beginners and young riders as there is plenty of space and overall the park is easy terrain. I saw several families out for a Saturday ride and a weekend of fun.

As soon as I pulled into the day parking lot I got out, quickly put the ramp down on my trailer, and started my 800cc beast up anxious to hit the trails. I was having an absolutely great time from the time I left the parking lot to the time I returned. The trails at this park are just plain fun, and most of them are not all that rocky or extremely rough. These and just good-old-fashioned fun trails to travel slow or a bit more quickly. The terrain is mostly sandy hard packed with Ravinessome mud holes here and there. Some trails are more open while others run through the forest and are rather tight. There are several ravines throughout the park, so you can run up and down these creek bottoms.  One trail runs the shoreline of Lake Murray within the park which is very enjoyable and quite scenic.  So what about mud? Lake Murray ATV Park is definitely not a mud park nor does it poses lots of mud, but it does have some. Some of this mud will rival the mud found at mud parks. I know you can bury your ATV to the frame as I did it. There are mud holes in the areas around the lake and run-off areas. Since the entire park slopes towards Lake Murray the topsoil in washed down hill into some low areas. These areas fill with that loose soil where you can disappear into being stuck. The good news though for all you riders who want to stay out of serious mud is you can avoid all of these places with ease. There are also some water areas in the sandy soil which means you can go through it without any risk of stuck. That is just fun riding. For you hill climbers exist three or four rocky technical hill climbs if you want to climb them. I will say they are for experienced riders, and could get a little tricky if you do not know how to ride them. Finally there are some large swaths of trail in the middle of the park for the racing types with whoops to get a little air. This area is rather long and very popular to mess around in. It is by no means a race track though. My experience was this is a nice easy day of riding, and after riding all of these areas I found myself going back and riding my favorite areas again. This is just a fun park to ride. By the time the day was over I had seen what this park had to offer, and I was glad I had come.

A TrailOverall this is a good place to ride for a day or the weekend. The park really does not have any challenging terrain to speak of, but it does have a little of everything, which makes for a good time and ideal for beginners. It is not a place however I would see myself going back on a regular basis, as there are other places with more space and terrain.  The amenities include RV slips, restrooms, a camping area, concessions on the weekends, and on site ATV rentals through a third-party company.  To get to the entrance simply exit I-35 at exit 29 and go east approximately 8 miles past t until you see the sign on the right pointing to the ATV riding area and the famous gold horse (you will see it) on your left.  You will see the entrance to Lake Murray ATV Park on your right about 300 yards. You can pull into the parking lot, unload your ATVs, then pull up to the guard station at the entrance to the riding area. You will pay your fee, get an armband, and off you go. People 18 or older do not have to wear a helmet (though I would always recommend wearing a helmet), and if you are not camping you must leave the parking area by dark.

For more information on Lake Murray ATV Park, including contact information, maps, directions, and more pics, you can visit the Lake Murray ATV Park listing in our riding destinations section .  You can also visit their Lake Murray website. If you go ride this park, please tell them you heard about Lake Murray ATV Park on!

Equipment Suggestions

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Lake Shore TrailRough Hill Climb

RavineCenter Section of Trail

Mud HoleSandy Mud Hole

Entrance Sign to Look forGolden Horse Across From Turn
Sign Right Before Entrance


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