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ATVESCAPE Can-Am Maverick 1000R Review

Since we at ATVESCAPE saw the announcement of the introduction of the new Can-Am Maverick back in September, we have held our breath for the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the newest beast from Can-Am. We put together a first look article with a complete breakdown of everything we knew about this new machine. The thing that struck us then and continues to strike us today is 101 horsepower. That is an amazing amount of horses powering a side-by-side. Over the last few months our friend Jon Crowley over at UTVGuide.net allowed us to share his review of the Can-Am Maverick, which included his initial impressions of it. Both Jon and Joey over at UTVUnderground.com have their Maverick demos as I write this, and they will report back over the long term what they think of this new player in the side-by-side world. One thing has been clear to all of us about the Maverick: Can-Am isn’t just here to play but to win in the side-by-side market when it comes to speed and power. The Maverick is designed with both in mind.

A couple of months ago we were headed to the Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, TX, and Can-Am was headed there also, with their demo truck in tow. We made some phone calls to our “contacts” and come Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, we had a date with a Maverick. My fellow test rider Scott, met me in Jacksonville on Tuesday late afternoon, and he took the Maverick out so we could get a few action shots of this beast, and he could get just a little seat time to get a feel for the Maverick. I didn’t even get behind the wheel on Tuesday, but I knew come Wednesday morning, I was going to get a couple of hours to commune with this new side-by-side, and I couldn’t wait.

ATVESCAPE Can-Am Maverick 1000R ReviewWednesday morning came, and I headed out to Mud Creek ATV Park where the Mud Nationals are held, and there was the Maverick waiting on me. I had two hours to drive it around, and luckily it was early enough in the morning that there were not too many people out and about on the trails, and more importantly, almost no one was on the famous powerline. The powerline is a strait road running down the powerline polls in the park, and it is about a mile long. I knew this would be the place to open this beast up, and I couldn’t wait. I climbed into the cockpit of the Maverick, and was already familiar with the controls because they are almost identical to the Can-Am Commander’s controls. I buckled myself in, turned the key, and pushed the start button on the dash. The 101 hp V-twin Rotax powerplant came to life with a rumble, and the smile on my face appeared instantly with the sound of that engine. When you hear that engine rumbling you just know the ride is going to create a memory. I put the Maverick in gear and turned out of the Can-Am area and onto a trail. I had to tap the throttle and the Maverick jumped, no it lurched forward. It was as if the power was crawling through the entire machine and then was unleashed with the punch of the throttle. 

I made my way out onto one of the main drags in the park headed towards the powerline where I could open this engine up a little. I made a detour in order to do a little hill climbing to see how the Maverick felt. For such a big side-by-side, the Maverick is incredibly nimble and light on its “feet”. With 14 inches of travel front and rear, you have a lot to work with. This Maverick was the X rs 1000R, which has bigger shocks, beadlock wheels, X-package graphics and color scheme, and the analog/digital instrument cluster. The bigger shocks assist in making the ride tight and firm. You can adjust the ride to whatever type riding you do since the shocks are adjustable. The Maverick effortlessly rolled over the hills and bumps in the trails as if they were not there at all. 

ATVESCAPE Can-Am Maverick 1000R ReviewNot being able to stand it any longer, I decided it was time to open the engine up and let it breathe. I turned onto the powerline road and I saw only two groups of people from me to the end about a mile away. Once my way was clear of other riders, I hit the throttle and the Maverick took off as though we were on a runway. The Maverick and I hit 50 mph so fast even I was amazed, and I was not pushing it to say the least. As I cruised along I noticed something about this engine I really, really love. It sounds like a jet engine as it accelerates to the speed you want, and then hums once you keep it at that speed. It sounds just like a jet engine, and that is just cool, for lack of a better way to say it. Even at the higher speeds I could get, say around 55, the Maverick feels firmly planted on the ground and the front end isn’t twitchy. Even at 55 if you press on the throttle, the Maverick lurches forward with power. The power in the Maverick can get you in trouble if you are not careful. It was fun to catch up with a rider or two, slow down to pass them, and then be able to bring the engine to life to catapult me back to a cruising speed. Actually being able to experience this engine, was even more fun than what I thought it would be.

I spent some time wheeling the Maverick around trails that were fun and full of turns, which gave me a feel for how responsive the steering is. I thought it was very responsive and effortless. The Maverick is not available yet with power steering, though I would imagine it will be in the future. I never thought the steering was heavy, even when standing still. The CVT seemed to work seamlessly, and the engine braking worked to bring me down in speed after I took my foot off the gas.  

ATVESCAPE Can-Am Maverick 1000R ReviewAfter what seemed like just a few minutes instead of two hours, I headed back to the Can-Am truck to reluctantly return the Maverick. As you might have guessed however, this meant I had to drive back down the powerline, which I am happy to report was just as fun as the first time. I know I did not have much time to really drive the Maverick the way I would if I were doing the typical test. I also realize I was in a limited environment with only one kind of terrain. The Maverick was engineered to go fast and to respond precisely to driver input, and I can tell you it does both very well. I certainly did not have the opportunity to hit the dunes with the Maverick going Mach 3 with my hair on fire (shameless Top Gun reference), getting 20 feet of air. I know the Maverick was built for that kind of riding in mind, and I would imagine it does well in those environments as well from what I have read. In the next year or so, I would think we will have a Maverick demo, and we can do a solid review of it. Thanks to Can-Am for the opportunity to test a Maverick. We just received our Commander 1000 Limited, so stay tuned for a full review on that machine. After the first ride, I can tell you the Commander 1000 lurches also when you hit the throttle!

Key Features

  • iTC- The Maverick has the same feature that is on the Commander; the Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC). Like the Commander, the throttle is a drive-by-wire system meaning it is completely electronic and computer controlled, and the driver can set the level of sensitivity on the throttle to one of two settings; Progressive or Sport with the rocker switch. Progressive mode allows for your foot to be bouncing around on the throttle over rough terrain, but the computer will translate that into smooth throttle input. The Sport setting makes the throttle respond to the driver’s every foot move. What do we think after testing it you might ask? We like it because it works. 
  • Engine- The engine in the Maverick is a 976cc, 101-hp Rotax 1000R V-Twin engine with EFI and it is the most powerful in the industry to date
  • Power To Weight- The Maverick has the best horsepower to weight ratio in industry
  • Suspension- The front dual A-Arm and rear 5-link suspension offer an outstanding ride despite the terrain, and help keep the Maverick in the driver’s control. 


Can-Am Maverick Website- http://www.canamoffroad.com/side-by-side/maverick/all-models

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