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john the plumber
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worst atv dealer around!!!beware!!

These people suck!! Overpriced,piss poor service dept. Do not have ANY work done here. They broke stuff on my atv that wasnt broke when I took it in.Sucky work and you pay out the ass! There is a reason they have to advertize on the radio-all the locals know better and they need new suckers to RIP_OFF!!! STAY AWAY FROM EXTREME KAWASAKI,SUZUKI,POLARIS!!
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Written by John Doe
December 17, 2013
I agree this is by far the worst dealership I have ever dealt with. Dropped my streetbike off for two tires and an oil change it's almost been two months and nothing but problems they still have my bike omg. The first time I pick the bike up I had a terrible vibration with the new tires I took it back they said they never balance them because they're balancer was broke. They charged me for the new tires and to mount and balance of them though. I took it back to have them rebalanced and they are still working on it this process started October 22 it is now December 17 and still going. This dealership is definitely laughable but don't get sucked in they suck.
1 results - showing 1 - 1