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by tj    
This place needs a lot of help.. The trails are not groomed well and the rocks just beat the death out of your bike. From the tires and wheels to your a-arms, case, and rear. Its just a convenient place to go and kill a few hours... Also the map is horrible and so are the signs. This is no hatfield and mc coy trail system at all.. Last time I went up I brought friends and we all left very disappointed. Thank god the lunch truck out in the parking lot made great pierogies and having a dealership on premise is nice if u break something. I felt bad for the family next to me. They got bullshitted by a staff member when they called to put together a weekend trip. The guy and his family drove 7 hours up there with all the kids and bikes. The little guys bikes sunk in the stream right at the entrance and he was done. The rest of the kids hated it and just wanted to go home. But the father bought 3 day passes over the phone. He loaded up and left within 1.5 hours of being there. Unless this place gets a color coded detailed map, changes there signs, and does some serious trail maintenance.. I will never come back. I usually roll up there with no less than 5 quads and no more than 15. You just lost my business until I see some things done to make this an enjoyable spot to ride..
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