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West Virginia
by JonJon    
Burning rock sucks
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Burning Rock sucks

Horrible place, mismanaged and terrible facilities. The "camping" sites are no more than a small open field with a few picnic tables side by side and the highway on one side and a dirt road on the other side. The ONE night we wasted here there were rednecks spinning their tires and revving up their engines on the dirt road throwing dirt and dust all over the tents and the noise from the highway kept you up all night. There were campers on the other side of the small field smoking pot in broad daylight with none of the Burning Rock"staff" saying a word to them. The staff also failed to address the issues with the rednecks revving up their trucks and spinning their tires all the way up and down the entrance to the "park" with people walking around everywhere. Talk about a dangerous situation! They also do not have posted anywhere on their website that passengers are not allowed on motorcycles on the trails: nor do they tell you this when you call. We paid over the phone, drove nearly 100 miles to get there only to be treated like 2nd class citizens when we arrive because they did not have our name on the list (that they had printed early that morning, we paid later that afternoon). After the hassle of being accused of lying about paying over the phone they finally gave us our "camp site" and 1 year passes. Then the next morning after riding on the trails one of the RUDE staff tells us we are not allowed to ride 2UP and he was going to tell the park ranger in the morning to have us removed from the park. He was very unprofessional, stated that he should have made my fiancee walk back from the trails even if it was "five miles". So we just packed up our stuff and left instead of wasting another day at this shit hole.

My score for Burning Rock ATV park? -1 out of 100, they suck. It is a real shame because some of the trails were not bad but the terrible staff and terrible "camping" areas make it a big failure.
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Written by P
July 29, 2012
I agree, this place is poorly run with trashy rentals. Throtle was broken, bungie cord holding down the hood, ride was delayed while they plugged a flat tire. We were told on the phone when booking that rain checks available if it thunders. It did thunder and rain hard an hour and a quarter into the 4 hour ride, guide said again we should get a rain check. When we got back, we were told no rain checks, but we could go back out and ride in the storm.
Great trails, but next time will find another place to rent tv's
Written by BR
January 09, 2013
JonJon, I'm incredibly sorry to hear about your experience. I just wanted to make it known that there is a new management team in place at Burning Rock and I have your post printed out so that we can assure all of those things are taken care of and we take the whole park to a new level. Even before finding this post we already had plans in place that will alleviate these concerns. We're also redesigning a number of the trails to make them more exciting, fun, and safe.

I would encourage you to come give us another shot this year if you do read this, please try and find a way to get in touch with us, I'd love to talk to you more about your experience and what we can do to make things right. Thanks.
Written by Plexus
April 10, 2013
I will start by saying that Burning Rock is under new management as of late 2012, so disregard previous negative reviews of poor management. They are really turning things around and have obtained federal funding for the conservation. As of April 2013, a new MX track is under construction. Staff is super friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable of the coal mining town Burning Rock is built on. Most trails are clearly marked, with more markings being added. All of the people encountered on the trails were courteous. Plenty of green trails for the family, and a good amount of advanced stuff for the rest of us. The trails are also routinely maintained to drain standing water. After heavy rain, we had no problem navigating around. Personnel is trained for the zip lines, which is a blast.
3 results - showing 1 - 3