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Arctic Cat 1000H2All of the Arctic Cat 2010 models have now been released and we thought ATV fanatics would want to know what is in the lineup. Arctic Cat continues to bring models to market which are strong in their respected categories along with some industry innovations. Innovations in the last couple of years have included the "Mud Pro" model which comes from the factory with a snorkel and other mud modifications making it ready to hit the mud straight from the showroom floor. Another innovation is the availability of a diesel engine. This year a couple of innovations include heated hand warmers for the driver and passenger, and a TBX model with side storage compartments.The biggest news in our opinion for the 2010 models is the Mud Pro 1000H2 model offering the same engine as the Thundercat with the factory modifications to tackle the largest mud holes. With the 951cc motor the Mud Pro 1000H2 this "cat" can move some mud, and is poised to dominate mud in ways we have not seen before.   You will also notice the front end on some of the models have been redesigned this year.  We at ATVESCAPE feel strongly Arctic Cat is bringing their "A" game to their 2010 lineup!

Let's start with the Competition models Acrtic Cat Mud Pro 700H1which translates to the Mud Pro lineup being the Mud Pro 1000H2 is big news this year. There are three Mud Pro models available. They come in a 650H1, 700H1, and 1000H2. Of course all the models come with the Mud Pro modifications which include a snorkel, Maxxis 28" Zilla' tires, a longer chassis (58" on the 1000, 50" on the 650 and 700), a specially tuned suspension with a whopping 14" of ground clearance, a new redesigned front differential control system with thumb switch, a spike load dampener to utilize the engines' torque, and a winch (on the 700H1 and 1000H2).

Next we have the what Arctic Cat calls their Recreation models.  These are the different models which are not geared toward any particular category but just general fun. There are no big changes we have observed. Their have been some styling changes on some models, which we think are good.

We will start with the 450H1 EFI, 550H1 EFI, and 650H1 family. The 450H1 EFI model is new to the lineup and this is another engine built by Arctic Cat. It seems all the manufacturers continue to lean towards EFI motors which as a rule we like. Not having to re-jet no matter where and when you ride is our preference as utility riders. Arctic Cat continues to have their 650H1 engine carburated, and we are sure there is a reason for this. We will try to find out and report back to you!

450H1 EFI Arctic Cat 450H1 EFI

550 H1 EFIArctic Cat 550H1 EFI

650H1 Arctic Cat 650H1

Next we have the larger displacement motors and of course the Thundercat 1000H2 EFI, which lays claim to the largest displacement engine in the industry. Those we have talked to who have ridden the Thundercat say it is really an incredible quad. We hope to have the opportunity to ride this cat in the near future. In this model series also resides the 700H1 EFI.

Thundercat 1000H2 EFIArctic Cat 1000H2 EFI

700H1 EFIArctic Cat 700H1 EFI

Now we have a group of entry level models which consist of a 4x2 model, a sport quad style model, and an entry level 4x4. All of these ATVs have an automatic transmission and creature comforts.  The 366cc is an entry level ATV worth taking a hard look at if you are in the market. It even comes with a windshield to protect you from the weather and trail obstacles.

300 4x2-Arctic Cat 300 4x2

DVX300-Arctic Cat DVX 300

366 4x4- Arctic Cat 366 4x4

Now for the 2-Up segment. While some manufacturers still do not offer any two up models, this market segment continues to grow. Arctic Cat has several offerings in this category showing their commitment to this category, and rightfully so as this makes good sense. Arctic Cat has some incredibly well thought out 2-up machines with real innovations including heated hand grips for both the driver and passenger, a windshield, side mirrors, a winch, and a rear carrying case matching the ATV color.The 2-Up models come in two trim levels; a base trim and a Cruiser trim. 

First are the base trim models. These models come in 550, 700, and 1000 engines.

550H1 EFI- Arctic Cat TRV 550H1 EFI

700H1 EFI-Arctic Cat TRV 700H1 EFI

1000H1 EFI-Arctic Cat TRV 1000H1

Then we have the cruiser level trim, and these are ATVs with a lot of extras which make for a great ride.


700H1 EFI Cruiser- Arctic Cat TRV 700H1 EFI Cruiser

1000H2 EFI Cruiser- Arctic Cat TRV 1000H2 Cruiser

There is a TRV 400 model which allows for multiple interchangeable tail pieces to be put on from a pickup bed, to a rear rack, and a padded seat back.  TRV 400 with Pickup Bed-Arctic Cat TRV 400 

 Rear Rack-Arctic Cat TRV 400 Rear Rack

he Utility Segment from Arctic Cat consists of two models. The first is a 700 diesel engine, and the next is a TBX model with a rear pickup bed and side storage compartments. Note that the diesel engine not only has a long duty cycle and incredible torque at a low RPM, but it will run on Bio Diesel (Willie would be proud). We are anxious to hear about the performance of this ATV.

700 Diesel Engine- Arctic Cat 700 Diesel Engine

700 Diesel- Arctic Cat 700 Diesel

TBX 700H1-  Arctic Cat 700 TBX

Arctic Cat without a doubt produces an incredible lineup of side-by-side machines in the Prowler models. The Prowler series includes all you would expect in a side-by-side including a dump bed, pickup-style tailgate, four wheel drive, three point seat belts, tilt steering wheel, cup holders, center console, DC outlets, 2" receiver hitch, fully independent suspension, and more.  There is an entry level Prowler with a 550H1 engine for a cost conscience offering, a 700H1 EFI model for the more power oriented buyer, and of course the 1000H2 EFI model for the buyer who wants the largest motor offered in a side-by-side machine. That latter model even comes with a hood scoop (we love it) to make the point to all who see it that this machine is an animal (yes pun intended)!

Prowler XT 550H1 EFI- Arctic Cat Prowler XT 550H1 EFI

Prowler XTX 700H1 EFI-Arctic Cat Prowler XT 700H1 EFI

Prowler XTZ 1000H2 EFI- Arctic Cat Prowler XTZ 1000H2 EFINotice the hood scoop!

Finally here are the Youth models. First off for riders 10 and older we have the DVX 90 and the 4x2 90. These ATVs are what you would expect for this age group. New this year is a transitional model in the 4x2 150 for riders 14 and older. These models include a governor which can be adjusted to the riders ability and be changed as that ability increases. These models also have several other safety features to make the experience as much fun and safe as possible. If only we had these when we were kids!

DVX 90-Arctic Cat DVX 90

4x2 90-Arctic Cat 4x2 90

4x2 150-4x2 150

Well that is the summary of what Arctic Cat has for us in 2010. ATVESCAPE will be putting together a buyers guide including all the specs for all of the 2010 Arctic Cat models. If you need more information before then just take a look at arcticcat.com .   

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