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Arctic Cat Mud Pro 700H1Back in the early 1900’s of the auto industry manufacturers used to race test almost every model before it was introduced to the public. The famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway was first a test location for manufacturers to test their new cars. Then the public got interested in the racing that was going on and now the Indianapolis 500 is one of the premier races in all of motorsports.  Arctic Cat has taken a similar approach to the Mud Pro 1000H2. Team Arctic Cat has been running the machine in several mud races for the past year.  Leading most hard core AC fans to believe they would soon be able to head down to their dealer and pick one up.  The MSRP for this monster cat is going to probably tip the $13,000 mark before you get to load it up on the trailer and head straight to the pit. 

No longer do us hard core mud riders have to buy a machine only to spend several thousand dollars more and several hours of work out in the garage before we can load up and hit the pit. Straight out the crate this is one of the most potent power plants in the ATV industry. But no matter how much horse power manufacturers come out with there will always be us guys who “need more power!” About the only real mods that one may want to make is to upgrade the tires to Silverbacks or Laws and maybe a pipe and programmer to wake things up a bit. While the stock 28” stock Maxxis Zillas' provided the machine with a stock ground clearance of 14” a set of 32” Gorilla Silverbacks will get things up a bit more, plus offer the much needed side wall bit for riding in deep ruts found in almost every mud park. Some will also jerk the radiator out and relocate it to the front rack.  

As far as stock machines go for the 2010 model year, Arctic Cat really stepped up and showed us mud lovers the love we have been waiting for years to get, and yes monster eight inch lifts will be available to even further increase rut digging abilities.    Even if you have not been an Arctic Cat fan in the past, you owe it to yourself to get down to your dealer and check this machine out.  After you let the initial sticker price shock wear off, sit down and really think about how much money you spent on modifications of your previous mud bike.  I’m sure the price will be very near what a Mud Pro will run you or several thousand more. 

Everyone knows that the economy is bad, and hundreds of thousands of us are out of work. Our elected officials are throwing billions of our tax dollars at companies that failed to do their jobs. We the working class Americans have pretty much been forgotten, as no help has come our way to help our economic situations.  A true American company, Arctic Cat is one US company that has not forgotten about us working class Americans trying to get by.  Since the new Mud Pro 1000H2 is well out of price range for a lot of us, AC realized a market need and has responded with the Mud Pro 650H1. If you want a new mud bike but cannot spend $8,000 + thousand on a machine and another $2000 + thousand on modifications before you get to mud with it, then the 650H1 Mud Pro is a good option.  The new 650H1 Mud Pro comes in at a retail price low enough you should be able to roll out of your dealer, and head straight to your favorite mud pit for less than $9,200 OTD!  Sure the 650 model is stripped down of all the fancy EFI, wheels, bumpers and winch of the Mud Pro 700 and 1000H2’s, but what you get is a machine that has been mud tested and proven by thousands of Cat fans who have been mudding with the stock 650H1 for years.  The Mud Pro 650H1 was completely designed to spend most of its time in rack deep mud and water.  No other manufacturer can say that about their machines.

Arctic Cat Mud Pro 700H1The Mud Pro 700H1 is pretty much unchanged since last year. This machine has been a competitive force in the Bogger Class of the CMR (Championship Mud Racing) since it was introduced lasted year.  Arctic Cat is the only manufacturer that has stepped up to spend the millions of dollars it cost to design an atv line like the Mud Pro.   It is time to shed the idea Arctic Cats break down all the time.  Arctic Cat has done the R&D time it takes to build a quality and long lasting machine. How long will the Mud Pro’s last without problems?  That is completely up to you, and how you take care of your machine.  Proper maintenance is next to godliness when it comes to mud riding.  If you hit the pits as hard as you can, go home and park your machine in the garage you are more than likely to have problems.  If you brake an cv joint because you were at full throttle in a hole don’t tell all your buddies the cv joints are weak. Breaking axles and joints is just part of mud riding. Mud riding is  very demanding on your machine. Take care of your investment!

We hope to be testing some of these new Mud Pro ATVs soon and bring you the real inside action to the best mud riding line of ATV’s on the planet.

To see photos of Arctic Cat Mud Pro's in action check out the Back2 Productions Gallery


J Adee aka J "Back2" Adee is a contributing editor to ATVESCAPE.COM, Mudders Magazine, and Mud Life Magazine, and also the official photographer for Championship Mud Racing.  He also owns and operates Back2 Productions.

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