The 2019 Can-Am Family Of ATVs & UTVs Are OUT!

The 2019 Can-Am Family Of ATVs & UTVs Are OUT! Hot

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The 2019 Can-Am Family Of ATVs & UTVs Are OUT! 

2019 Can-Am Outlander ATV 

Recently, approximately 70 Can-Am models were announced to round out their 2019 lineup. With more emphasis put on their quad lineup this year, including a significantly revised Outlander, we are pleasantly surprised with Can-Am’s continued support for all 4-wheel segments. 

2019 Can-Am Outlander ATV

The Outlander is by far the biggest news of the 2019 model year on the ATV side of things. The Renegade features minor updates that include suspension and engine improvements. As for the side-by-side’s in Can-Am’s lineup, the Maverick X3, Defender, and Commander all receive minor but very functional updates to go along with a couple new color and graphics packages. Because the Maverick Trail was released during the latter part of 2017, it looks as thought that vehicle is a complete carryover for at least this model year unveiling. Can-Am has traditionally held off on releasing completely new models until a little later in the year, so we’ll continue to look for anything new in the coming months. 

2019 Can-Am Outlander ATV

Outlander ATV Upgrades

The most significantly upgraded ATV in the Can-Am lineup is the Outlander, which comes in both a single seater and a 2-seat MAX version. There are 2 significant upgrades to this vehicle. First, the engine is upgraded in the 1000R version to now be the most powerful ATV offered on the market. In total, 91hp is pumped out of the Rotax V-twin engine. The second significant upgrade is in the suspension department where we find new arched front A-arms, a front sway bar, and torsional trailing arm independent rear suspension. These changes provide extra width and more performance and stability overall. In addition to the motor changes, there are new selectable riding modes, called intelligent Throttle Control, that allow you to tailor the throttle delivery in either mode – Standard, Sport, and Work. 

2019 Can-Am Outlander ATV

All of these changes lead to the fact that the Outlander can now tow up to 1650 lbs. 

The most noticeable change is in the new bodywork with new styling. It’s a menacing look, no doubt about that. Pairing with that new styling are new color ways to further enhance the appearance. 

2019 Can-Am Outlander ATV

The Outlander 650 and 850 ATVs receive the same updates as the other models, and they come in at a lower price point compared to previous model years. The Outlander 650 retails for $8399 ($400 less than 2019) and the Outlander 850 retails for $8999 ($750 less than 2018). In addition, the Outlander 6x6 family is enhanced with the same suspension updates as the other Outlander models. This includes a new longer wheelbase and a new removable passenger seat in the MAX, 2-passenger layout. 

2019 Can-Am Outlander ATV

Renegade ATV Upgrades

The Renegade family enjoys some similar changes as the Outlander, including the new 48” wide torsional trailing arm independent rear suspension. In addition to the revised suspension, the Renegade 1000R family will benefit from the enhanced Rotax V-twin engine that churns out 91 horsepower. Similar to the Outlander, this V-twin also has the selectable ride modes (Standard, Sport, and Work). 

New colors highlight the bodywork more and add to the aggressive stance of the Renegade. How about that front bumper design?! 

2019 Can-Am Commander Side-By-Side

Commander SSV Lineup

Two updates are found on the Commander lineup of vehicles. Like the ATV lineup, the Commander 1000R gets the engine upgrade to produce 92 horsepower total. To ensure that we have some fresh styling for the Commander, Can-Am included some fresh color ways on the 2019 models. 

2019 Can-Am Outlander ATV

Defender SSV Lineup

Leading the way with the changes to the Defender lineup is the fact that all HD8 and HD10 Defender models have the ability to two up to 2500 lbs now. For those of us keeping track, that matches the stout towing capacities of the new Polaris RANGER XP 1000. Impressive! Plus, Can-Am included a 1-year limited warranty standard on all Defender models this year. 

The Defender HD8, specifically, gets a new lockable rear differential system along with 27” Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires. 

In terms of mud bogging, one of the favorites in the industry is the purpose-built Defender X mr, and this model receives several changes this year. The shocks have a new, larger shock bore for enhanced suspension movement. On the powertrain side of things, both High and Low ranges were enhanced by an overall lower gear ratio, making this vehicle even more capable in the muck. A new lockable rear differential system is also used, along with with total selective modes for dialing in your driving preferences. 

We are huge fans of Can-Am’s Smart-Lok front differential technology, and now it is included on the Defender XT-P edition. 

2019 Can-Am Outlander ATV

Maverick X3 Lineup

While the Maverick X3 lineup isn’t totally revised or updated for this new model year, it does receive some significant upgrades. The X-package on both the 2-seat and 4-seat MAX versions now include the Smart-Lock fully locking front differential. The power steering is revised with an improved high-torque system, which is said to enhance feedback and improve slow speed riding. Several hard parts were also updated on the X3, including the front sway bar linkage and the cover for the ECU. 

2019 Can-Am Maverick X3

As with many of the other Can-Am’s released this model year, there are definitely some bold colors in the X3 lineup. How about that gold, silver, and red color way?!

2019 Can-Am Maverick X3

From Can-Am...

Leaders never stop influencing. Through its authority, proficiency and resourcefulness, Can-Am continues to demonstrate its energetic commitment to showcasing its industry leadership through the ongoing enhancement of its ATV and side-by-side vehicle lineups. Its strict allegiance to developing prominent vehicles offers thorough solutions to better meet the demands of modern consumers and the global off-road market alike. Part of this unconditional effort includes the natural process of product evolution, one that delivers functional improvements and greater affordability, yet stays true to the brand’s promise to supply unrivalled performance. The Can-Am brand’s continuous dedication to advancement means riders everywhere get to experience an enriched off-road experience, no matter the trail they ride and the adventures they choose.


Can-Am Outlander and Renegade all-terrain vehicles were redesigned with increased performance, perfected handling and new pricing in the USA and Canada, as well as a refreshed family appearance, to give modern recreational riders the all-capable ATVs they deserve. The

2019 Can-Am Outlander 1000R (and MAX model) and Renegade 1000R ATVs feature a commanding 91 hp Rotax V-Twin, the most powerful production ATV ever. A new intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) system, with three driving modes (Sport, Standard and Work), supplies precise skillfulness in unpredictable terrain.

A brand-new, purpose-built and recalibrated suspension with front arched A-arms, front sway bar and Torsional Trailing arm Independent (TTI) rear suspension provides additional width and travel, for precision handling, extra comfort and enhanced control on all 650cc and up Outlander models and every Renegade ATV. More than a dozen updates, including a refreshed exterior appearance and an industry-leading 1,650-lb. (750 kg) tow rating, deliver immediate benefit to riders, heightening any off-road adventure.

Both the Outlander 650 and 850 ATVs received the same family updates, but now redefine their categories in terms of accessibility, retailing for $8,399 ($400 less than 2018) and $8,999 ($750 less than 2018) in the USA, respectively. These ATVs stand alone in their classes, possessing class-leading power, exceptional quality and reliable performance for which Can-Am in known.

The Outlander MAX 6x6 ATV family now includes many of the 2019 Can-Am ATV family updates, including the new suspension and enhanced stability, as well as a longer 90-in. (228.6 cm) wheelbase for ample comfort and control. A new removable passenger seat (MAX configuration) allows for instantaneous and convertible two-up / one-up seating transformations to pass on more convenience and versatility to the owner.

Restyling includes a new front grille that takes cues from the Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle family, fresh aluminum bumper corners, specific wheel packages and the addition of mudguards. Also, the Can-Am ATV family welcomes a total of eight new color offerings for 2018, adding an attractive appearance to match the vehicle’s capabilities and remarkable power.

Can-Am ATV Lineup Colorations:

• Gold, Black & Can-Am Red — Outlander X mr 1000R / Renegade X mr 1000R

• Pure Magnesium Metallic — Outlander MAX 6X6 XT 1000

• Carbon Black & Sunburst Yellow — Outlander XT-P 850 / X-TP 1000R / MAX XT-P 850 / MAX 1000R

• Boreal Green — Outlander MAX Limited

• Hyper Silver — Outlander XT 570 / MAX XT 570

• Black, Grey & Sunburst Yellow — Renegade X xc / Renegade X mr

• Black & Can-Am Red — Outlander XT 650 / XT 850 / XT 1000R / MAX XT 650 / MAX XT 850 / MAX XT 1000R


Can-Am Side-By-Side Vehicles

Numerous advances to the Defender utility-recreation side-by-side family delivers resourceful solutions for various off-road undertakings. The addition of a class-leading tow rating — now rated at an industry-leading 2,500-lb. (1,134 kg) for units with the HD8 and HD10 engines and a 1-year limited warranty on all Defender 2019 (USA and Canada) models brings more value and a tougher design to owners.

Defender HD8 now has a standard lockable rear differential system, 27 in. (68.6 cm) Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tire. Defender XT CAB and MAX XT CAB vehicles get a revised 12-in. (30.5) ground clearance supply ample traction and additional space for overcoming demanding obstacles.

The specialized, mud-ready Defender X mr is fortified with the industry’s top ground clearance at 15-in. (38.1 cm), suspension travel and shock size, with a new larger shock bore. Engineering revisions reduced the lower ranges for both the HIGH and LOW range, while a new lockable rear differential system, with eight total selective modes, makes the specialty X mr even more capable in and out of the mud. The system is even calibrated to prevent turf tearing. The Defender XT-P package now features Smart-Lok traction system with TRAIL mode for maximum footing in every condition, but especially in slow-speed maneuvering. The Defender Lone Star edition receives its own unique and prominent badging, improved cast-aluminum wheels and, like the Defender Mossy Oak Hunting Edition package tougher protective equipment for more resilience in challenging terrain.

The invigorating Maverick X3 and Maverick X3 MAX X-package super-sport side-by-sides all receive Smart-Lok, a fully lockable on-the-fly front differential with electronically controlled automatic modes for maximum traction and precision cornering. All X3 side-by-side vehicles get a new high-torque, tri-mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) system to improve low-speed riding and enhance input feedback to the driver for a more complete driving experience. Significant engineering adjustments were also made to enhance overall comfort and dependability. The Can-Am engineering team redesigned the front sway bar link to be more durable, which also enhances cornering. A new electrical cover better protects the engine control unit (ECU).

Many new components and the expansion of the existing co-branded partnership agreements with Lonestar Racing, S3 Power Sports and others, have once again grown the Can-Am genuine accessory lineup for 2019. All-new accessories include convenient roof racks, MTX speakers, window nets, ATV Windshields, batteries accessories and much more, providing consumers with more adaptable customization options to meet their needs.

Can-Am Side-By-Side Vehicle Lineup Colorations:

• Phoenix Orange — Maverick X3 X ds / Maverick X3 MAX X ds

• Gold, Can-Am Red & Hyper Silver — Maverick X3 X rs / Maverick X3 MAX X rs

• Hyper Silver: Defender DPS HD10 / Defender MAX DPS HD10 / Defender XT HD8 / HD10 / Defender XT CAB HD8 / HD10 / Defender MAX XT HD8 / HD10

• Boreal Green — Commander XT 800R / 1000R / Commander MAX XT 1000

• Carbon Black & Octane Blue — Commander XT 800R / XT 1000R

• New graphics on Carbon Black & Sunburst Yellow X mr packages – Maverick X3 X mr Turbo / X mr Turbo R / Defender X mr


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