Can-Am's Additional Models & New ATV 4-Wheel Lock Visco-Lok

Can-Am's Additional Models & New ATV 4-Wheel Lock Visco-Lok Hot

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Can-Am's Additional Models & New ATV 4-Wheel Lock Visco-Lok

2021 Can-Am Visco-4Lok 

It is October and already Can-Am is releasing some “mid-year” 2021 models. This time around Can-Am is introducing us to two new Defender PRO models including the Defender PRO Lone Star and the Defender PRO Limited. Both of these models are painted with high-end features making those who own these models have a more comfortable drive. Secondly, and in our opinion more of a big deal, is the addition of a locking front diff on three Outlander and Renegade X mr models. This really is a big deal since we have been asking for this technology on Can-Ams ATVs for years.

2021 Can-Am Visco-4Lok

Visco-4Lok On ATVs

This technology has us more excited than words can portray since we have been asking for this out of Can-Am for years. First seem with Smart-Lok on the side-by-sides where you can flip a switch to lock in the front diff rather than having the computer do it for you, the Visco-4Lok carries this into the ATV models. You still get get the traditional Visco-Lok where you have 2-wheel drive and then flip a switch to get 4-wheel drive, but now you can select a 4-wheel drive lock mode which sends equal power to all 4 wheels. Did we mention how excited we are this technology has made it to the ATVs? Yes, we have put many-a-mile on a Can-Am ATV using the traditional Visco-Lok without anything other than lots of traction, but we have always wished we could choose to lock in the power equally to both front wheels. In other words to have the ability to lock the front diff. Currently this is available on the Outlander X mr 1000R and 850 along with the Renegade X mr, but our hope is that it will also be available on the regular Outlander lineup in the near future. We will do a deep dive into the Visco-Lok technology soon to explain the system in detail.

2021 Can-Am Defender PRO Limited

Defender PRO Limited

Defender PRO Models

Can-Am introduced the Defender PRO last year and we had the opportunity to drive it. What makes the Defender PRO stand out is its six-foot tilting bed for those serious about hauling stuff around. Another trick up the Defender PRO’s sleeve is the fact the sides of the bed are removable to convert it into a flatbed, something unique to Can-Am in the side-by-side world. Another unique feature is the storage underneath the bed. In our time driving it, the ride comfort with its formidable wheelbase was not just good but outstanding. 

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 2021 Can-Am Defender PRO Lone Star

Defender PRO Lone Star

Now we see the addition of a Defender PRO Limited  and Defender PRO Lone Star .  The Defender PRO Limited comes complete with a fully enclosed cab with climate control where you set the temp and forget about it.  The Defender Pro Lone Star comes with Lone Star badging, a heavy-duty front bumper, and an aluminum rock slider. Both of these models include a new power tilt bed, a 4,500lb winch, bolstered seats, signature LED lights (very cool looking), and a 7.6-in. digital display with keypad. Both of these new Defender PRO models make a great addition to the the Defender PRO families. 

2021 Can-Am Defender PRO

Both Defender PRO Limited and Lone Star have a power tilt-bed

For more information about these new models along with the rest of the Can-Am ATV and side-by-side lineup, check out Can-Am’s website below.

Can-Am’s Website- 




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