Protect Your Noggin! Bell Unveils Their Latest UTV Helmets

Protect Your Noggin! Bell Unveils Their Latest UTV Helmets

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 Protect Your Noggin! Bell Unveils Their Latest UTV Helmets

 Bell Eliminator UTV Helmet

We hear it all the time – "I have a roll cage so I don't need to wear a helmet." 

This one is even better – "Helmets are uncomfortable!" 

First, a roll cage doesn't protect your noggin' like you think it does in a crash. Second, if you think a helmet is uncomfortable, then you bought yourself the wrong helmet! Shame on you! 

While the misconceptions around wearing a helmet in a UTV are many, there is no misconception about wearing a helmet and it's proven ability to keep you safer in any off-road vehicle (For any of you droppin' a mini van beat right now and want to wear a helmet in your street slicker, we support you!). And, with today's latest technology giving helmet manufacturers the ability to scan millions of helmet-wearing heads to find how they are shaped, the shape of virtually all new helmets is tailor made to fit a wide range of heads. So, being uncomfortable is a thing of the past...

Bell has had a longstanding relationship with the motorsports industry producing some of the most sought after helmets ever made. Reason being? They do the research and produce a great product. In this case, they produce a product that is made to take a beating and, ultimately, could save a rider or driver's life in the event of an accident. So, based on their history and advanced technology that Bell puts into all of their helmet products, we take notice when they release a new product. 

In the world of UTV's and off-road vehicles, the Eliminator is Bell's latest purpose-built UTV helmet made for our community of off-roaders. 

 Bell Eliminator UTV Helmet

Bell’s new Eliminator helmet is an homage to the company’s historic roots as a pioneer of automotive helmets. Eliminator features a racing-inspired design to go along with modern industry-leading safety technologies. The helmet is also the first to use the new ProVision shield, which features Bell’s proprietary anti-fog technology, making it perfect for a variety of uses from everyday commuting to extreme competition.

There is also more news involving the Bell helmet line... In addition to being included in the Star Series and Qualfier DLX MIPS, Bell will continue to feature one of its two most-advanced head-protection technologies, MIPS and FLEX, in every helmet in its MX and Off-Road category.  The MX and Off-Road lineup will also include the latest graphic collaborations from Bell’s existing partnerships with some of the top brands in the industry including Fasthouse, Seven MX and Tagger.

The entire 2019 lineup will be available later this year in select retailers and online at

 Bell Eliminator UTV Helmet

2019 UTV Lineup Pricing

  • Eliminator Forced Air - $469.95
  • Qualifier DLX Forced Air - $319.95
  • Qualifier Forced Air - $179.95

We hope you all make the smart decision to protect your cranium this year! Get a helmet for you and for each of your loved ones. You won't regret it! 

Bell Eliminator UTV Helmet


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