ATVESCAPE First Look- 2014 Honda Pioneer-4 700 UTV

ATVESCAPE First Look- 2014 Honda Pioneer-4 700 UTV Hot

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Honda Pioneer-4 700Everyone knew it was a matter of time until Honda introduced a UTV more on the trail side of side-by-side rather than all work and little play like Big Red. Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with Big Red, but looking at it doesn’t make you want to jump in it, throw it in gear and hit the trails. Big Red makes you want to get work done! Honda has a history of innovation and breaking new ground, but as of late, the question had been posed as to whether or not they were going to play in the arena of the exploding recreational side-by-side market. Well, in classic Honda-like fashion, Honda jumps into the side-by-side market with an innovative machine built on a platform of proven Honda success. Meet the new 2014 Honda Pioneer-4 700.

Pioneer-4 Is A Transformer

Honda Pioneer-4 700Just the name Pioneer immediately takes you to a place of exploration, and true to its namesake, the Pioneer blazes the trail to some new innovation in the side-by-side market. Yes, the Pioneer is more on the side of a trail side-by-side, but what makes the Pioneer special is its ability to convert from a two seat to a three OR four seat side-by-side. There you go with the Honda innovation. Suffice it to say, the Pioneer is the only side-by-side designed from the ground up to make this transformation. Not only does it “transform” from two to three or four, but the rear passenger comfort and saftey have been taken into account in the design, so the rear passengers are not an afterthought. Speaking of design, the Honda Pioneer has been designed, developed, and built in the good ole U.S.A! 

The bed offers plenty of capacity to haul whatever you may need around the farm, ranch, or job site, and has the ability to be used as a dump-bed. Changing from two to three or four people is simple by using the stow-away rear-seat design. 

Powered By The 700 Engine

The power plant behind the Pioneer is the proven fuel-injected liquid cooled OHV single-cylinder found in the Rincon, and the Big Red. The Pioneer also uses the classic Honda automotive-style automatic transmission with hydraulic torque converter, three forward gears and reverse.

To get you where you need to go despite the terrain is a drive system which consists of 2WD, 4WD, and 4WD with diff lock. 

Other Things To Note

Honda Pioneer-4 700The Pioneer-4 has some other items as part of the Pioneer package which points in the direction of a trail focused side-by-side. In the description of the Pioneer-4, Honda says that while it has the “overall dimensions of a two-person design, the Pioneer maintains a high level of maneuverability while still being able to seat up to four people.” Though we do not have know what the dimensions are at this point, the phrasing suggests the Pioneer-4 will not be as wide as the Big Red. It also suggests Honda has taken into account trail riding as a primary purpose for the Pioneer4.   Other things like 7.9 inches of front wheel travel, 9.1 inches of rear wheel travel, and a respectable 10.5 inches of ground clearance make the Pioneer-4 a trail machine. Even the styling reinforces the fact Honda is appealing to the “fun-focused” and not just the “work-focused” crowd. Don’t worry though, the Pioneer-4 will have no problem doing the work asked of it with its 1000lb rear dump bed, and 1500lbs of tow capacity. The Pioneer-4 will be available in red, green, and the Honda-designed Phantom Camo, so whatever your preference, you will find a color to make you happy. By the time the Pioneer-4 hits the market, Honda will have more the 50 accessories to help you make it your own.

The Honda Pioneer-4 700 is without a doubt Honda’s jump into the recreational side-by-side market, and it comes wrapped in the typical Honda innovation, but with non-typical Honda flare. The Pioneer-4 is a leap forward in solving the issue of how to have the work benefits of a two-seat side-by-side with the people- carrying benefits of a four-seat side-by-side. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these machines for a test, and to get a feel  for a more recreationally geared Honda side-by-side. More information will be available in May, and when we know more, we will pass the information on to you. 


Meet The New Honda 2014 Pioneer 700 Side-By-Side

Honda Pioneer Website


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