2020 Honda ATV Lineup Breakdown

2020 Honda ATV Lineup Breakdown Hot

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2020 Honda ATV Lineup Breakdown

2020 Honda ATV Lineup 

Honda recently released its 2020 ATV models, and we were there to see the new models along with the low-down on what has changed this year. There are a handful of improvements to the Honda ATV lineup that people will be happy about, including a couple that will go unnoticed but are welcome. Let’s dive into the 2020 Honda ATV models, all of which will be available at dealers this summer. 

Honda Foreman & Foreman Rubicon 520

 2020 Honda ATV Lineup

The Foreman Rubicon not only looks really good in this green but also with mud on it!


What You Will Want To Know

  • Bigger engine- 518cc
  • New reverse lever/system
  • Transmission manual-mode override


First up is the fact that Honda’s 500-class Foreman ATV engine has gained 43cc’s for 2020, making the engine come in at 518cc’s. That power can be felt in the low-to-mid range in the powerband. Having ridden the Rubicon 520, we can say that the power is slightly noticeable. When you jump on it, the Rubicon goes, but the previous one did also. We are the proud recipient of a 2020 Honda Foreman Rubicon test unit (in a killer green color), so stay tuned for a full review of the engine and everything else about the 2020 Honda Rubicon.

2020 Honda ATV Reverse System 

Say hello to the new red "reverse" lever...thank goodness!

The Reverse system has been totally revamped, and thank goodness for that. In the automatic DCT models, you can simply pull back on the red lever and click the shift down button to go into reverse. You can do this in “Drive” and skip Neutral all together. You can also go from Reverse straight to Drive by pulling the red lever. This is a great feature making what was a difficult “Reverse” process to something much easier.

 2020 Honda Rubicon New Grill

The updated Rubicon has an updated grille and heavy-duty grill guard as well as better a-arm protection.

Now for the handful of updates that will be less monumental. The rider can override the gear using the gear shift buttons, even while in Automatic mode of the DCT transmission. The front grill is new, along with the grill guard being larger, and a small from storage compartment is now in the front rack. The front a-arms have better protection for 2020, and the LED assist headlight has been updated. Finally the racks are compatible with Honda’s Pro-Connect accessories such as cargo boxes.

2020 Honda Rubicon Pro-Connect Racks

Pro-Connect racks are found on the Rubicon and Rancher making accessories easy to connect.


Honda Rancher

2020 Honda Rancher

What You Will Want To Know

  • New reverse lever/system
  • Transmission manual-mode override

2020 Honda Rubicon & Rancher

Both the Rubicon and Rancher now have front storage built into the front rack. 

There are so many different versions of the Honda Rancher ATV offered that you can find whatever you are looking for in the lineup. The Rancher stays primarily the same, but there are some improvements for 2020. The Honda Rancher in any form of automatic transmission gets the same new reverse lever/system as the Rubicon above. Also, a rider can override the automatic transmission mode on the fly by changing gears with the shift buttons. The system then returns to automatic mode shortly after. All Ranchers now have the Pro-Connect compatible racks and front built-in storage.


Honda Rincon

 2020 Honda Rincon

What You Want To Know

  • It is the same for 2020

There are no new changes to the Rincon for 2020. 


Honda Recon

2020 Honda Recon

What You Will Want To Know

  • It is the same for 2020

There are no new changes to the Recon for 2020. 

And there you have it. That is our ATV ESCAPE 2020 Honda ATV summary. For more information just check out Honda's Website https://powersports.honda.com/atv/recutility 

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