What Is The Big Deal With The Honda Talon Six-Speed Automatic DCT Transmission?

What Is The Big Deal With The Honda Talon Six-Speed Automatic DCT Transmission? Hot

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What Is The Big Deal With The Honda Talon Six-Speed Automatic DCT Transmission? 

2019 Honda Talon Review

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It seems every time you read about the Honda Talon you are reminded it has a DCT transmission. In fact, the Honda DCT transmission can be found on many of Honda’s side-by-sides and ATVs. So what is the big deal about this transmission, and what makes it different from the competition on the Honda Talon? We thought we would answer these questions.


It’s Hydraulic

The Honda Six-Speed Automatic DCT Transmission is a hydraulic transmission with six gears and not a CVT, which means it uses metal gears rather than a belt like the majority of the industry. The hydraulic DCT Automatic Transmission is like the transmission in your car or truck, and essentially works the same way. Engineers will say, with good reason, that a hydraulic transmission with metal gears is more durable than a CVT belt. That makes sense doesn’t it? It does to us, though we would say the CVT transmissions in ATVs and side-by-sides have proven themselves to be reliable and tough. One downside to a CVT transmission is the famed “blowing the belt”, or doing something that causes the CVT belt to brake, which means it has to be changed. The Automatic DCT Transmission has no belt to brake. Engineers will also say that a CVT is less efficient than a hydraulic transmission in getting power through the driveline. This is also true, though in practicality it is not a big issue with the power that is floating around in the engines of modern ATVs and side-by-sides. 

 The Automatic DCT Transmission is one of our absolute favorite features of the Honda Talon!

It’s DCT

In the Honda Automatic DCT Transmission the DCT stands for dual-clutch. No we are no engineers here, but we can try to reiterate what has been explained to us. The gears are clustered in Honda’s transmission in such a way to allow two clutches to use for changing gears rather than just one. The result in the “big picture” is quicker gear shifts than in a single-clutch setup. We can say that banging through all six gears on the Honda Talon happens really, really quick. 

Honda Automatic DCT Transmission

It’s Got Paddle Shifters

When it comes to driving a side-by-side nothing says fun more than paddle shifters! If you have never grabbed some paddle to shift gears before then you must try it because it is a blast.

Honda Automatic DCT Transmission 

It Has Two Drive Modes

One thing that sets the Honda Talon Automatic DCT Transmission apart from all the competition is that it has two drive modes. There is a fully-automatic mode where you set the drive-mode switch to “AT”, and then the Talon does all the shifting for you. No other side-by-side in the industry that has a hydraulic transmission, such as the Yamaha YXZ, has a fully-automatic mode. Honda really hit the ball out of the park on this feature.  The other mode, of course, is manual mode or “MT” on the drive mode switch. To state the obvious, manual mode means you do all the shifting. Shifting is incredibly fun with the paddle shifters. Grab the right paddle and go up a gear, or grab the left paddle and go down a gear. 

The Honda Talon Automatic DCT Transmission also has the ability to be shifted in automatic mode. If you have the transmission in automatic mode, you can override the current gear by using the paddle shifters to shift up or down. In a few seconds after you you shift, the transmission then goes back into shifting itself as needed. This feature works really well, and we use it when driving aggressively or going up or down inclines and declines. Say you are coming into a corner rather quickly, and want to plan for your exit out of the corner. Use the paddle to shift down as you come into the corner and then you have set yourself up for a quicker exit from the corner. This is one example. We are big fans of the ability to be in full automatic mode and still shift as needed. 

 Honda Automatic DCT Transmission

It Has High & Low Range

This is another feature completely unique to the Honda Talon Automatic DCT Transmission. The Honda Talon has both a high and low range like your classic off-road vehicle with a hydraulic transmission. This means technically you have twelve gears to work with on the trail. Not only can you drive the Talon on the more “sport” side, but if rock crawling is required then drop the transmission into low in order to get that low gearing needed to just walk along the trail. Walking up or down incredibly steep inclines or declines. A “Low” range is a great thing. This is another feature that sets the Talon apart from the Yamaha YXZ. The Yamaha YXZ doesn’t have a “Low” range or subtransmission.  

There you go. Now you know what the big deal is about the Honda Talon Automatic DCT Transmission, and what makes it different from the other side-by-sides out there. We will be releasing our written review of the Honda Talon after months of driving it, and a review video. Until then, you can read our initial review from the link below, and watch our initial thoughts in video. 

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