New, More Wallet-Friendly Turbo S Velocity Joins The RZR Family

New, More Wallet-Friendly Turbo S Velocity Joins The RZR Family Hot

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 New, More Wallet-Friendly Turbo S Velocity Joins The RZR Family

2019 Polaris XP Turbo S Velocity 



Every January, Polaris unveils new color ways to their UTV lineup to freshen up some models and give potential buyers something new to look for in their local dealership. Occasionally, Polaris surprises the industry with a new model or two during this time period, too. Well, this year is one of the years where a new model is released. While it isn’t an “all-new” platform like the ACE lineup was several years ago, the new RZR XP Turbo S Velocity and RZR XP 4 Turbo S Velocity are more budget-minded versions of Polaris’ highest performing RZR vehicles.

The Value Proposition

At $25,399 and $28,399 for the XP Turbo S Velocity and XP 4 Turbo S Velocity, respectively, these new machines are significantly cheaper than the full loaded, non-Velocity-edition Turbo S models. The 2-seater is $2800 less and the 4-seater is $2600 less.

2019 Polaris XP Turbo S Velocity

What Do You Get With It?

Yes, that is precisely the question on everyone’s mind… Well, the mechanical upgrades that you found in the original Turbo S models are all present – stronger axles, high-clearance control arms, and a stronger drive system with that oh-so-dandy front differential that is massive in size. Also present is a stronger, reinforced chassis that from our seat-of-the-pants driving session (in the XP Turbo S) did exhibit the best driving dynamics of any RZR Turbo. So, the new Velocity edition should carry on those driving characteristics. However, will not having the electronic Fox suspension hinder this chassis? We’ll have to wait and see…

Also standard on the Velocity edition is the same, turbo-equipped powertrain package that has been standard in RZR Turbo models for several years. This does have some Turbo S-specific upgrades, but other than those the 168 horsepower mill remains. At 72 inches wide, both of these 2- and 4-seat models are built to tackle the massive dunes and whooped-out desert terrain. 32” ITP Coyote tires also delight in this endeavor because they aide in delivering a total of 16” of ground clearance.

We are extremely thankful that Polaris has continued to equip these S-models with 4-point harnesses as standard equipment, and we hope these make their way to the rest of the Turbo RZR lineup in the very near future.

Keen eyes will also notice that the lower quarter doors are left off the Velocity editions, and it also looks as if the Ride Command 7” glove touch display is left off of these models. So, in essence, the new Velocity editions are leaving off the electronic equipment that the higher end Turbo S models have standard, including the live valve Fox electronically adjustable shocks, Ride Command, and digital integration of the cockpit through the aforementioned digital display.

 2019 Polaris XP Turbo S Velocity

Who’s It For?

That’s a great question, because if you can already afford this high priced off-road vehicle, then you can probably spring the extra cash to get the technology-laden XP Turbo S model. If it was us making that purchase decision, your extra money is well spent when you get the electronic nannies and that oh-so-awesome Ride Command system.

However, this Velocity edition will be handy for the do-it-yourselfer or the racer who wants a bare-bones vehicle without all of the electronic nannies built in. Either way, the Turbo S is a heck of a vehicle, and you can read all about it in the current ATV & UTV ESCAPE Magazine.

For now, we’ll leave you with some pictures to feast your eyes on… Oh, and these new Velocity models will be available in dealerships starting at the end of January.

2019 Polaris XP Turbo S Velocity

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