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the staffthe staff   February 21, 2019   0


Further pushing the envelope to make their UTVs true multipurpose and multi terrain vehicles, Can-Am off-road unveiled more accessories for their X3 and Defender lineup. Not only did they release a newly developed track system, but they also have an extended lineup of plows for their side-by-side vehicles. 

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the staffthe staff   February 19, 2019   0

What do you get when you put Ken Block, a driving machine, into a Can-Am Maverick X3 also a driving machine? You get a bunch of driving machine action! If watching some crazy Maverick X3

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the staffthe staff   September 24, 2018   0


Who's ready for a down home country concert that has some off-road mixed in for fun?! Luke Bryan brings his Farm Tour back to 6 locations this year, and Can-Am off-road brand is proud to begin its second season as the official off-road vehicle of the tour.

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the staffthe staff   September 21, 2018   0

The Maverick Sport is a machine that we recently drove and will have a full review up in the November/December 2018 issue of ATV & UTV ESCAPE Magazine. In the meantime and for our website users, we wanted to give you a quick overview of this all-new 4-seat machine – the Maverick Sport MAX.

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the staffthe staff   June 08, 2018   0

 Recently, approximately 70 Can-Am models were announced to round out their 2019 lineup. With more emphasis put on their quad lineup this year, including a significantly revised Outlander, we are pleasantly surprised with Can-Am’s continued support for all 4-wheel segments. 

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the staffthe staff   April 03, 2018   0

  We have to admit that we were not expecting any 2019 models for at least a couple more months... but... Can-Am has different plans as it turns out. Can-Am has introduced a new addition to the Maverick family: the 60-inch Maverick Sport. The Maverick Sport is offered with the 976cc Rotax V-Twin with either 75 horsepower or the same engine with 100 horsepower. The suspension is setup

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the staffthe staff   March 26, 2018   0

  Winter may be winding down for the year, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of snow out there to be ridden. The best way to tackle a lot of snow is to put tracks on your ATV or side-by-side, and Can-Am has a late present for you. Here is the Apache Backcountry kit for the Maverick Trail, but there is availability for their ATVs

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the staffthe staff   September 13, 2017   0

 Can-Am is bringing something new to its side-by-side lineup, and we are wondering what it is. The videos seem to show a two-seat machine that is not very long, and looks to be for exploring. That would be right up our alley. Watch the videos and see for yourself.  

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the staffthe staff   June 10, 2017   0

  It’s that time again, when the 2018 models will begin to be announced, and Can-Am is the first to announce 2018 models. We have come up with a breakdown. 

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the staffthe staff   January 30, 2017   0

  During the 2016 Defender Pilot Program held at several dealerships in Iowa, Texas, and Minnesota, participants were able to see the new Can-Am Defender vehicle and register for the “Win a Defender” promotion. On December 14, 2016, the drawing was held and the winner was Jeff L. of Iowa. 

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the staffthe staff   January 13, 2017   0

  With a passion for off-road performance nearly unmatchable, S3 Powersports joined forces with the Can-Am accessories team to create a new line of S3 for Can-Am parts for the Can-Am Defender side-by-side vehicle family. 

S3 Powersports is a family-owned business powered by authentic off-road riding and racing enthusiasts who are dedicated to building high-quality products to enhance the sport they love. The S3 Powersports

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the staffthe staff   October 26, 2016   0

 Can-Am shot out a press release today announcing an additional Defender model named the HD5. As you have probably guessed by its name, this is the same Defender but with a mid-sized engine. According to the numbers below, for all intents and purposes, this is a same Defender as the HD10 and HD8 but it has a 500 class engine, allowing it to be offered at a more "value" price. A starting price of $9,999

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the staffthe staff   September 27, 2016   0

  How about a video featuring multiple Maverick X3's being piloted by expert driving teams based by none other than Ken Block and BJ Baldwin? Well, dreams do come true in this video called A "Battle BROyale" by Hoonigan and Can-Am, where the two teams compete using Can-Am Maverick X3's on three closed courses for driving supremacy. Be sure to buckle up and enjoy the shenanigans as dust flies with some insane driving.

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the staffthe staff   August 10, 2016   0

 Here is a roundup of all the teaser videos Can-Am has released for the Maverick X3 being announced on August 16th.

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the staffthe staff   July 28, 2016   0

 What is this Can-Am is releasing August 16th? The video shows something we haven't seen before from Can-Am and it looks fast. You can go to the website below in order to get notified when the Maverick X3 is released

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the staffthe staff   April 25, 2016   0

The Can-Am 500 VIP Fan Contest grand prize is two trips for two to attend the Can-Am 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at PIR on Nov. 13, 2016. That means two lucky winners and one guest each can attend the semifinal race in Arizona and experience the NASCAR race environment up-close. Travel, hotel and meals for the winners are also covered. The contest runs from April 15, 2016 to Aug. 15, 2016. For

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the staffthe staff   April 12, 2016   0

 BRP inaugurated its new manufacturing facility in Juárez, Mexico that provides the company with the capacity to meet its growth plans in the off-road industry.

“BRP is committed to introducing a new side-by-side model every six months over the next four years.This state-of-the-art facility,

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the staffthe staff   March 29, 2016   0

 Not long ago, we were introduced to the brand new Can-Am Defender utility side-by-side, and all the details that went along with its introduction. We had the opportunity to put some miles on the Defender back in the Fall for our first review which you can read below. Can-Am now expands the Defender line to include a MAX version, which all of us know, means that it will carry six people rather than three. Looking at the description of the Defender MAX a couple of things jump out at us.

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the staffthe staff   March 16, 2016   0

 It's no secret that the Can-Am Defender was released in the Fall, and that we even had a chance to test it and review it, which you can find below. The Defender is Can-Am's foray into the dedicated UTV market, though with it's ride quality it can also be used for some recreation. The Defender is a solid offering in the UTV market, with plenty of Can-Am "clever" features, a comfortable and roomy cab, off-road prowess, and plenty of work skills to get

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the staffthe staff   March 15, 2016   0

 We know that the Can-Am Spyder doesn't fall into the category of "off-road", but we are not blind to cool looking powersports machines either. Recently Can-Am unveiled a concept race-inspired Spyder F3 Turbo, and unveiled it at Daytona Speedway as a tribute to NASCAR. It is a 150-horsepower turbocharged concept vehicle featuring cutting-edge Rotax technology and SPORT mode for controlled rear tire drifts.

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the staffthe staff   September 28, 2015   0

Can-Am has introduced a new member to the Can-Am Commander MAX family with the 2016 introduction of the Commander MAX DPS 800R. This Commander MAX DPS comes with all the goodies you would expect on a Commander MAX but with a 71 horsepower 800R engine instead of the 1000 class engine. This allows

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the staffthe staff   September 24, 2015   0

A couple of years ago Can-Am told us that it intended to play in every segment of the side-by-side market. Well with the release of their first true UTV called the Defender, Can-Am has almost brought that statement to fruition. The Can-Am Defender is a serious workhorse with a playful side as well, outfitted with serious work-type features. Can-Am is taking direct

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the staffthe staff   June 16, 2015   0

Can-Am reinforces its performance leadership in the off-road powersports industry by collaborating with motorsports athlete, YouTube sensation and Recoil video series icon “Ballistic” BJ Baldwin.

The seven-time national off-road racing and multi-time S.C.O.R.E. champion will partner with BRP on several activities featuring the Maverick X ds 1000R Turbo vehicle, now available with an unprecedented 131 horsepower, making it the side-by-side vehicle of choice for enthusiasts.

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the staffthe staff   June 09, 2015   0

As if 121 industry-leading horsepower wasn’t enough, Can-Am has tweaked its Turbocharged 976cc Rotax 1000R V-Twin engine to produce 131 hair-raising horsepower. Can-Am did this by adding larger injectors and increasing boost pressure, so you don’t have to melt your face with a mere 121 horsepower, but can do it more efficiently with 131 horsepower. If the engine has the word Turbo in it, then you get the horsepower. The Turbo

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the staffthe staff   September 15, 2014   1

 BRP adds the industry’s first factory-installed turbocharged side-by-side vehicle to its 2015 Can-Am off-road line-up, the Maverick X ds model.  “BRP is once again taking the industry by storm with the introduction of another industry-first, the new turbocharged Can-Am Maverick X ds side-by-side vehicle,” said Chris Dawson, vice- president and general manager, Global Sales and Consumer Experience division

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the staffthe staff   May 01, 2014   1

Well the time of the year is upon us (already) where the manufactures begin to reveal their 2015 models, and Can-Am is the first to the table this year with its 2015 lineup of ATVs and UTVs in tow. There a few surprises on the ATV side of the lineup with essentially 3 new models and the return of another. The biggest of the new models and for that matter the biggest ATV Can-Am now builds comes in the form of an Outlander 6x6 XT model, which we covered a few months ago. 

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the staffthe staff   November 21, 2013   0

While we were digging through all the updates and new models for Can-Am, the new Maverick X mr caught our attention in a big way. Can-Am has had solid success catering to the wild-n-crazy mud-riding crowd with the Outlander 1000 X mr and Outlander 650 X mr ATVs, so it is not a stretch in any way to bring a side-by-side into the mud-conquering family with the Maverick X mr. This Maverick is the only side-by-side on the market that comes ready to hit the mud holes directly from the factory floor.  So this Maverick is definitely worth a look.

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the staffthe staff   November 18, 2013   0

The hits just keep coming in the side-by-side part of the industry, and this machine has an added surprise for the 2014 model year. Can-Am already launched the Maverick MAX for 2014, so the Commander MAX was a trick play for Can-Am to enter yet another segment of the constantly growing and evolving side-by-side segment. Unlike the Maverick MAX which is aimed more towards the pure sport segment of the market, the Commander MAX is touted

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the staffthe staff   October 18, 2013   0

Video First Look at the 2014 Can-Am Outlander 6x6 1000 XT

The guys over at DirtTrax TV had an opportunity to fly to Finland to spend some seat time on a new Can-Am ATV: the OUtlander 6x6 1000 XT. The guys talk about how much they really liked the Outlander 6x6, so be sure to catch the video. We also have included a photo gallery of the machine below


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the staffthe staff   October 17, 2013   0

"What is this?" you might ask. Your eyes do not deceive you. It is a Can-Am Outlander 6x6 1000 XT, and it is made in Finland rather than in North America. It seems the Finns have been busy designing the Outlander 6x6, and what they have released appears to be an outstanding machine. The only other 6x6 on the market is the Polaris Big Boss, and with the power of the 1000 engine from Can-Am, what better 

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