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the staffthe staff   November 14, 2020   0

  Honda hit a significant milestone recently when its 300,000th side-by-side rolled down the assembly line in the Honda plant at Timmonsville, North Carolina. It turns out that 300,000th side-by-side was a Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe which we would be happy to have. Imagine working at a place the turns out so many side-by-sides that offer up fun, adventure

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the staffthe staff   November 13, 2020   0

 Last week Honda made a surprise announcement of a new bouncing side-by-side in the Pioneer family called the Pioneer 520. Yes, it is a Pioneer 500 but with engine and suspension upgrades plus a rear dumping cargo bed with sides. You can read more details in the link below. This week we found a couple of Honda videos that have been released about the Pioneer 520 and thought

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the staffthe staff   November 03, 2020   0

  Yep, there is a new Pioneer in town, and it has been fitted with the Rubicon 518cc engine, a tweaked suspension, and a dumping cargo bed. What is crazy is that we didn’t see this Pioneer 520 coming! Honda was super smart for creating this newer 520 Pioneer with all the advantages of the Pioneer 500 such as a 50-inch width

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the staffthe staff   August 13, 2020   0

Honda released its 2021 model lineup back in June, both without much fanfare nor any real surprises. They are allowed considering 2020 was a HUGE year for Honda with redesigns and new models everywhere! Let me say right away that this model announcement includes the ATV and UTV lineup minus any news on the 2021 Talon lineup… other

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the staffthe staff   February 14, 2020   0

  It seems every time you read about the Honda Talon you are reminded it has a DCT transmission. In fact, the Honda DCT transmission can be found on many of Honda’s side-by-sides and ATVs. So what is the big deal about this transmission, and what makes it different from the competition on the Honda Talon? We thought we would answer these questions.

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   February 07, 2020   0

  The Honda Talon has become a force in the industry since its introduction just over a year ago. One of the things that makes it so unique is the fact the hydraulic transmission has both a manual and automatic mode, which is a significant advantage.  Check out the video.  Check out the video.

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the staffthe staff   February 01, 2020   0

  Honda is truly "on the gas" with the Talon family, and we are excited to see Honda introduce these FOX Live Valve models! Yes, so far the FOX Live Valve has been regulated to the Talon 1000X-4, but no more. Today Honda rolled out FOX Live Valve versions of both the Talon 1000R and the Talon 1000X. Though it is no surprise to see 2-seat Live Valve models, it is great to see them because

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the staffthe staff   January 03, 2020   0

  It has been a big month for "giving" with Honda jumping into the fray by donating two Honda Pioneer 1000 side-by-sides to the Kurt Caselli Foundation. That made us wonder what the Kurt Caselli Foundation is all about? It turns out the Kurt Caselli Foundation focuses on safety of off-road riders. It has raised over $1 million and will have spent over $700,000 on safety initiatives. Its safety and scholarship budget

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Air CordeiroAir Cordeiro   December 20, 2019   0

It has been said many, many times that sport side-by-sides "can't haul anything". Well this week in My Favorite Feature Video Casey proves this to be a myth, or at least in the Honda Talon 1000X 4. Between the deep cargo bed with a lip to keep your gear from falling out and the roll cage sides, you CAN haul some stuff! To get

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Air CordeiroAir Cordeiro   December 13, 2019   0

This year Honda did some revamping of the Honda Rubicon starting with an upgraded engine that makes the Rubicon a 520cc ATV. There are several new features on the Rubicon 520, but lets start with the NEW reverse lever. This feature makes us giddy because of the pain it has been in years' past to go from forward to reverse! Now, simply pull the lever, click the downshift button

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the staffthe staff   December 13, 2019   0

Honda just announced its Honda Talon 1000R racing team consisting of Eliott Watson and Christopher Polvoorde as the pilots of the new Talon side-by-side. Since the Talon 1000R and Talon 1000X was announced a year ago, Wayne with Honda has been adamant the Talon was headed to the racing circuit to take its place among the other industry side-by-sides. In June,

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the staffthe staff   November 15, 2019   0

  It really is fantastic the way that ATV and side-by-side manufacturers continue to bring models with custom colors, and Honda is bringing its "A"-game. Honda announced that popular colors like Red, White, Blue, Olive and Silver are returning for a midyear refresh of the 2020 Pioneer side-by-side family, including models in the Pioneer 1000, Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 500 platforms.

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the staffthe staff   July 02, 2019   0

  Honda recently released its 2020 ATV models, and we were there to see the new models along with the low-down on what has changed this year. There are a handful of improvements to the Honda ATV lineup that people will be happy about, including a couple that will go unnoticed but are welcome. Let’s dive into the 2020 Honda ATV models, all of which will be available at dealers this summer. 

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the staffthe staff   June 19, 2019   0

  This recall involves all model year 2016 through 2019 Honda Pioneer 1000 side-by-side vehicles. The recalled vehicles were sold in various colors including: red, blue, green, gray and yellow. The name “HONDA” is on the front, sides and the rear of the vehicle. The model name Pioneer 1000 is printed on a label located on both sides of the vehicle, near the rear.  The serial number (VIN #) is stamped

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the staffthe staff   June 03, 2019   0

  Hot off the heels of the Talon 1000X and 1000R 2-seat unveiling, Honda is “on the gas”, as they say, with new models being introduced at a feverish rate. Today, Big Red is uncovering their latest vehicles in the sport Talon lineup – the Talon 1000X-4 and the Talon 1000X-4 Fox Live Valve.  

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the staffthe staff   February 07, 2019   0

  What is the best way to get the full "scoop" on the new Honda Talon pure sport side-by-side? Have the man and off-road product planner Wayne Lambert walk you through it! Below is a short walk around video where Wayne points out the two different models of the Honda Talon, and gives the details on this new sport machine from Honda. 


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the staffthe staff   November 27, 2018   0


Today marks a very significant triumph for the Honda Motor Corporation. The company is traditionally known as being conservative with an emphasis on engineering greatness that is carried through the ownership of the machine with an extreme amount of durability. We have been waiting many years for a true sport side-by-side from Honda,

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the staffthe staff   May 22, 2016   0

 Honda has announced its first 2017 models, and there is nothing really far. There are a few color changes, but no new ATV models or real changes to speak of. Below is the breakdown of the 2017 models that have been announced, and the basic information on them. We will continue to watch to see what Honda is going to announces. We have a feeling there is something new on its way so stay tuned. 

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the staffthe staff   January 19, 2016   0

Honda kicked off the New Year by announcing today that its Red Riders Rewards program has been improved and expanded for 2016, with nearly $7 million in earnings available to Honda racers. This contingency plan covers a number of racing disciplines including supercross, motocross, off-road, road racing, dirt track

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the staffthe staff   June 11, 2015   3

Honda has taken it up a notch with the introduction of what is now its flagship side-by-side, the Pioneer 1000. Yes, we said “1000,” and yes, we said “Honda”! This does not seem to be a pure sport side-by-side, but it fits more in the recreation/utility segment. With the 1000 class motor, the Pioneer will dominate this class. There is much to talk about when it comes to this new Pioneer, so here is what you will want to know.

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the staffthe staff   November 05, 2014   1

Honda has been extremely busy this year, and for that matter, the last couple of years. New products keep spewing out of Honda like a geyser of powersports heaven. In the last two years alone Honda has released the Pioneer side-by-side and the Pioneer 500. Now they have turned their attention to the ATV market, and their Foreman and Rancher lines.

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the staffthe staff   May 15, 2014   2

Well today is a surprise as Honda unveils the newest member of its Pioneer side-by-side family with the 2015 Honda Pioneer 500, and it is a 50-inch width side-by-side at that! With Honda's release of the Pioneer 500, the 50-inch segment of the market truly comes of age with now three manufactures producing 50-inch machines. The Pioneer 500 comes with a 475cc engine, paddle shifters for its electronic 5-speed transmission

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the staffthe staff   November 14, 2013   0

Honda shocked the UTV world in the Spring with the announcement of a convertible 2- to 4-seat side-by-side coming out in the Summer for the 2014 model year. We at took a hard look at the new machine, and it has some unique features. We kept an eye on the news, and then Honda shared they had a two-seat-only version sitting in the wings for release also.

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the staffthe staff   November 01, 2013   0

Recently, it has come to our attention how all the Japanese companies such as Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha, all have a large presence here is the good ole` United States, with multiple large manufacturing facilities employing hard working Americans. That is awesome in and of itself is a great thing, and those factories being safe is important to say the least. Honda having won an award for excelling in safety is a great thing, and that is exactly an award Honda has been given.

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the staffthe staff   May 16, 2013   0

Honda released more news and specs on the Pioneer 700-4 along with the Pioneer 700 two-seat side-by-side yesterday, and we wanted to pass more information to you. It looks like a summer release of both of the new Honda Pioneer 700 models. We also have heard Honda will be halt production of the Big Red, and the Pioneer will be Honda's sole side-by-side/UTV offering. We will bring you more information as we get it.

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the staffthe staff   May 15, 2013   1

Honda announced the new Pioneer-4 700 a few months ago, and we have been anxiously awaiting all the information on that machine. Yesterday, Honda announced a two-seat Pioneer 700 to our surprise. Below is all the media information available to us, and we wanted to pass it on immediately to all of you. We will go over the information and do a "First Look" breakdown in the future so stay tuned. 

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the staffthe staff   April 10, 2013   0

Everyone knew it was a matter of time until Honda introduced a UTV more on the trail side of side-by-side rather than all work and little play like Big Red. Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with Big Red, but looking at it doesn’t make you want to jump in it, throw it in gear and hit the trails. Big Red makes you want to get work done! Honda has a history of innovation and breaking new ground, but as of late, the question had been posed as to whether or not they were going to play in the arena of

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the staffthe staff   February 12, 2013   2

Now you don't have to choose between a two-person or four-person Side-by-Side: The all-new Honda Pioneer™ boasts an innovative convertible design that allows the two rear seats to fold into the bed. Owners can opt to use the Pioneer with two-seat, three-seat or four-seat configurations. Best of all, the rear seats fold quickly and easily without the need for tools, and once folded away the Pioneer's tilt-bed space can be fully utilized. Long-travel suspension combines a comfortable ride with high-performance handling, and helps give the Pioneer the load capacity to haul 1000 pounds or tow 1500 pounds. It will be available in three colors—Red, Green, and the new Honda-designed and trademarked Honda Phantom Camo™. A full line of more than 50 accessories will also be available when the Pioneer hits Honda's dealer network later this year.

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the staffthe staff   February 25, 2011   1

First look at the new 2012 Honda Foreman 4X4 EPS from ATV Television


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the staffthe staff   July 07, 2008   0


With its superior handling, secure feel and comfortable ride, the all-new Big Red is destined to be the MUV of choice for both utility and recreation. Its multiple patents and numerous automotive-based technology features will separate it from all other category contenders.

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