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the staffthe staff   November 20, 2012   0

The Right Rider Access Fund and NOHVCC are providing a scholarship for the Spring Semester at Marshall University.

Applications due December 7th, 2012, Classes begin January 14th, 2013.

The spring semester OHV Recreation Management courses are PLS 451/551:Planning and Design of OHV Parks; and PLS 453/553: Operation and Management of OHV Trail Systems. The information in these courses can be invaluable for both agency personnel as well as the enthusiasts. The winner of the scholarship will be able to choose 1 of the 2 offered courses for this spring's semester.

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the staffthe staff   October 11, 2012   0

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is hosting an ATV Safety Summit. There will be panelists from a variety of backgrounds at the summit. Russ and Karen will both be presenting during the summit as will many of our friends from SVIA.

For those people who are not able to attend the summit, there is an opportunity to comment.

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the staffthe staff   June 19, 2012   0

Parks Trails Manager
Working Title: Trails Program Manager
(Recruitment ID: CRPT12-20076)

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the staffthe staff   December 23, 2011   0

Spring Semester at Marshall University

Applications due December 23rd, 2011, Classes begin January 9th, 2012.

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the staffthe staff   November 11, 2009   0

With help from Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A., the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) has been conducting interactive web based workshops, or webinars, for OHV riders and anyone interested in OHV land use since mid-June.  The workshops are designed to give riders the skills they’ll need to keep trails open in their areas.  The sessions are 2 -3 hours long and are conducted by the same OHV management experts who conduct the on-site NOHVCC workshops. The four modules have been presented three times each for the past four months.  Beginning November 9thand continuing through December, each module will be presented twice so the people who may have missed a session or would like to participate in any or all of the session will have another opportunity.

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the staffthe staff   August 25, 2009   0

The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) is pleased to announce the schedule of the third module of their Public Land Advocacy webinar series.  This 4-part series is designed to assist government agency personnel, OHV enthusiasts, and other interested parties with creating and maintaining sustainable OHV trails.

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the staffthe staff   May 07, 2009   0

The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council has developed a series of videos and webinars that capture much of the content of our lauded Route Designation and Trail Sustainability workshops.  These videos and webinars are designed to help the NOHVCC reach a wider audience of both OHV activists and land managers interested in maintaining responsible OHV access on public lands with the important messages and information within the workshops even while travel budgets are decreasing.


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the staffthe staff   December 26, 2008   0

Picture this. You ride out of the woods from your favorite trail in the National Forest and meet a law enforcement officer by your truck who writes you a ticket for being on a closed trail. You’re puzzled. There was no sign saying the trail was closed. “What’s going on?” you ask yourself. You then discover that the Forest Service just published a new map that shows all the trails and roads you can ride. To your surprise, most of your favorite trails and roads are missing and most of the open routes are roads and trails that are boring and don’t go where you want to go. “There are all kinds of routes that we ride that aren’t on this map! Did I miss something?”

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the staffthe staff   December 26, 2008   0
Making Sense of the ATVA, BRC, and NOHVCC

Three major off-highway vehicle organizations are dedicated to the advancement of the sport of ATV and dirt bike riding. Rather than having similar agendas, each one of the three organizations serves a different purpose for the recreational ATV rider.

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the staffthe staff   December 19, 2008   0
Two recent NOHVCC Association Development Workshops put the finishing touches on new state associations in Tennessee and Wisconsin.

  In fall of 2007, the OHV4TN citizen lobbyist organization asked the NOHVCC to assist with setting up a statewide OHV organization in Tennessee. On May 31, 2008, the NOHVCC hosted an Association Development workshop in Cookeville with OHV representatives from across the state in attendance. On November 8th, the Tennessee Off-Highway Vehicle Association (TOHVA) was incorporated and an election of officers was facilitated. In addition Bob Richards with the Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation was on hand for both of the meetings.

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the staffthe staff   November 25, 2008   0

Memorandum of Understanding between the NOHVCC and the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV) seals the deal

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