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the staffthe staff   December 13, 2012   0

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (December 11, 2012) - Tread Lightly!, a national nonprofit dedicated to fostering a community of good resource stewards, is honored to be recognized by the U.S. Forest Service with a Regional Forester's Award, alongside its public agency partners. 

The award was presented to the RIDE ON Utah team under the category “Recreation and Connecting with Urban America.”

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the staffthe staff   October 29, 2012   0

Just in time for some early holiday shopping, Tread Lightly!'s 5th Annual Charity Auction on eBay will open November 1st and will run through the 11th. In an effort to raise money for solutions to the most urgent issues in outdoor recreation, more than 50 companies have donated more than 100 products.

One hundred percent of the money raised will go to help keep access to trails and recreation sites open to the public through Tread Lightly!'s signature education and stewardship programs. The auction includes plenty of 4x4 accessories, powersports equipment and outdoor gear - there will be something for everyone! Bids will start at 40% to 60% below retail prices.

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the staffthe staff   October 02, 2012   0

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (September 29, 2012) —RIDE ON Designated Routes is a new statewide campaign that has united land management agencies to educate outdoor recreationists who use motorized vehicles on Utah’s public lands. 


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the staffthe staff   December 09, 2011   0

As part of its efforts to improve behaviors through ethics education and provide good information to the outdoor recreation community, the nonprofit organization Tread Lightly! has recently provided nearly 1,700 free, customized interpretive panels to land management agencies across the country.

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the staffthe staff   November 01, 2011   0

OGDEN, UT (November 1, 2011) – In an effort to raise money for solutions to urgent outdoor recreation issues, more than 50 companies have donated at least 150 products to the nonprofit organization Tread Lightly! for its Fourth Annual Charity Auction on eBay, November 1-11. 

Big ticket items this year include a Grizzly 550 ATV from Yamaha and a Gator XUV 625i utility vehicle from John Deere.

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the staffthe staff   August 31, 2011   0

Tread Lightly! is proud to announce its new public awareness campaign dubbed, “Ride On Designated Routes”. This message was created under the umbrella of the “Respected Access is Open Access” campaign which targets specific desired behaviors.  The “Ride on” campaign promotes responsible behavior among those who enjoy recreational activities that utilize motorized vehicles, specifically staying on marked routes designated by land management agencies. Four print PSAs are available to view or download online with more in the works.

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the staffthe staff   January 18, 2011   0

The Tread Trainer program is designed to train participants in innovative, practical methods of spreading outdoor ethics to the public with a curriculum specifically focused on motorized and mechanized recreation. Why it works? The course is packed with opportunities to practice different communication techniques, to discuss issues facing outdoor recreation and to network with like minded individuals who want to promote responsible recreation.

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the staffthe staff   September 11, 2009   0

OGDEN, Utah (September 10, 2009) — Tread Lightly! has received ,000 from the Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A to continue its dedicated effort promoting responsible recreation, especially activities involving the use of off highway vehicles (OHVs).  The sizable GRANT (Guaranteeing Responsible Access to our Nation's Trails) came in the form of cash and equipment through Yamaha's OHV Access Initiative.

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the staffthe staff   August 27, 2009   0

Most Americans know some basic outdoor ethics rules—like not littering and staying on the trail. However, not everyone knows how to cross a stream responsibly, approach a horseback rider safely or how far away a tent should be from a river.

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the staffthe staff   January 30, 2009   0

HUMMER and Tread Lightly! Fund Important Dust Abatement Project

The Arizona Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition and The HUMMER Club provided several volunteers to help with various aspects of the project. Additional work included the development and installation of an educational kiosk at the trailhead and the rehabilitation of grounds near the staging area.
The study was funded by a grant initiative called HUMMER’s Restoration Rescue, which was created in 2008 under the umbrella of Tread Lightly!’s Restoration for Recreation program.

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the staffthe staff   January 26, 2009   0


The nonprofit organization Tread Lightly! would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming Tread Trainer Course in Houston, Texas on Wednesday March 25, 2009.

The course is being held in conjunction with the 2009 National off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) Conference. However, you do not have to register for the conference to register for the Tread Trainer course.

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