G Boost Technology Unveils New RZR PRO Belt

G Boost Technology Unveils New RZR PRO Belt Hot

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New Gboost Technology UTV Belt

G Boost new UTV belt

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Like it or not, it is always a smart idea to have a spare CVT transmission belt (or 2) with you on your next trail ride. It sucks walking back to camp, and having a spare part, like a belt, can be your life saver if you happen to blow a belt. It happens if you have a UTV with a CVT transmission, and, again, it is a very wise idea to have a spare with you at all times. We've had the experience of blowing a belt and not having an extra – the vehicle runs great but you can't go anywhere! So, lesson learned, always carry a spare...

Gboost Technology has many different UTV belts in their parts catalog, so if you don't own a RZR, then check out their website for more information on your own specific belt application. 

For RZR owners, of which there are a lot of you, Gboost has just released their all-new WBB1202 UTV drive belt, which is meant to replace the OEM 3211202 belt. This is for the RZR XP Turbo and the just released RZR PRO XP lineups, both 2- and 4-seaters. 

Like its predecessor, the WBB1202 is said to run cooler, disperse heat faster, and engage smoother. Better yet, the all-new belt is made to handle higher amounts of belt squeeze from the clutches when under load. It also has a higher cord snap resistance and rides up higher in the secondary like the OEM belt.

Pricing starts at $179.95 for this particular belt.  

For more information on these aftermarket belts, check out https://shopatvescape.com/rzr/shop/rzr-pro-xp/maintenance-parts/cvt-belts.html

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