Almost STOCK Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc 1000 Races & Finishes KOH

Almost STOCK Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc 1000 Races & Finishes KOH

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 Almost STOCK Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc 1000 Races & Finishes KOH 

Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc Racing King Of The Hammers 

There has been so much press about King Of The Hammers in the last couple of weeks, because the race just completed. Having been to this race, just finishing the race is a true accomplishment. To see the brutal, and we mean brutal, course conditions, along with the giant rocks strewn around like sprinkles on a cupcake, it is an exciting event to watch. We focus on the UTV side of the race, and a lot of work is put into the UTVs that run this race to make it as bulletproof as possible. So, when we saw that a near stock Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc 1000 ran the race and finished the race in 21st place, that caught our attention. The Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc is a member of the Maverick Sport family that has a locking front differential as part of the SMART LOK 4-wheel-drive system. We have had our eye on this exact unit as we really want to test this particular side-by-side.

Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc Racing King Of The Hammers

Chad Hughes, passed more than 60 other vehicles on his way to a finishing the 2019 Can-Am UTV King of the Hammers race. We know that 21st place does sound amazing, but you must remember finishing the race itself is a huge accomplishment. Finishing the challenging course, while passing about half the other racers along the way, is a big deal. Then add that the Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc 1000R was nearly stock in a field full of high-horsepower, turbocharged side-by-sides is truly amazing. 

“I was of course very proud to be representing Can-Am in an all-new machine targeted specifically for rock crawling,” stated Hughes, who started racing side-by-side vehicles in 2011. “The car did not disappoint, it absolutely rules the rocks. As expected, it gives up quite a bit of ground to the Maverick X3 vehicles in the desert, but we started 84th and eventually passed 63 cars to end up 21st as we crossed the finish line in 7:33. That was well under the nine hours allotted finish time.”

“As soon as we hit the first (rock) canyon, we started passing cars like crazy...eight cars here, six cars there, and it went on and on,” said Hughes, who’s off-road resume includes motocross and mountain biking, among other activities. “And we managed to hit 78mph on the lake beds running 33-inch tires.”

Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc Racing King Of The Hammers

Hughes said the Maverick Sport X rc 1000R side-by-side vehicle had zero mechanical issues during the race and only took a little damage to the bottom skid plate and a small scratch to the side. When you look at the pictures of the race you can see how amazing this fact proves to be! Mechanical issues in the King Of The Hammers race is "par for the course", and the fact he didn't have a single one is mind-boggling!

Hughes didn't even have to use a winch in the race.  was that he didn’t require the use of his winch the entire KOH race. “The only time we used our winch was when my co-pilot Tracon Kirk got out of the Can-Am to help move a stuck competitor out of the way who was blocking the trail,” he explained. “True story, just ask the guys running the JEEP winch on Outer Limits who watched us and later said to us ‘Damn, that things works pretty good’.”

We are blown away that this side-by-side ran King Of The Hammers without any drama at all.  

Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc Racing King Of The Hammers

Making It KOH-ready

We mentioned earlier that the Maverick Sport X rc was 90-percent stock, but what about the other 10-percent? In order to race the King Of The Hammers you have to meet certain criteria to make it a safe undertaking. In order to meet the requirements, Hughes swapped the stock Maverick X rc ROPS for a 6-point DOM safety cage with a nearly 2-inch diameter, added the necessary harness system, safety nets, fire extinguishers, flashing race light and, of course, the mandatory properly placed race numbers. To customize the Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc to his liking for the KOH rocks, Hughes went with an STI tire-and-wheel kit. The 3-in. larger tires and offset wheels added a little more ride height, clearance and width. Below is a list of changes that were made.

HUGHES - No. 1295 Moto United Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc

  • 6-point DOM safety cage 1.75-in. diameter tubing
  • 3" 5-point harnesses meeting the necessary safety spec
  • Custom slotted bottom seat cushions for harness pass-throughs
  • Window safety nets (doubled as secondary door latches)
  • Fire extinguishers
  • GPS
  • Can-Am OEM HD HMW skid plates
  • STI 33-in. Chicane Tires
  • STI HD9 15 x 7 5/2 offset wheels
  • Flashing race light
  • Necessary race numbers and placement 


At the end of the race Hughes, and his 90-percent stock Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc finished 21st with no mechanical failures....! “The car passed tech with flying colors,” he stated. “Our only re-work was to make the roof numbers larger. Everything else was stock.  We ran a stock drivetrain, stock suspension, stock brakes, stock steering, stock A-arms and all! It’s almost unbelievable really, but I'm super impressed with the little car and, to me, it’s mission accomplished for Can-Am.”

Did we mention we want to test a 100-percent stock Maverick Sport X rc?! Well....we do!








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