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ThejarnoldThejarnold   January 11, 2020   0

  We spent several months with the Kawasaki Teryx LE doing everything from trail riding to work. In this video I walk you through my thoughts about Kawasaki's rec/utility side-by-side from the engine, suspension, interior, and overall capability. There are so great things about the Teryx as well as some things that can be improved.

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Air CordeiroAir Cordeiro   August 09, 2019   0

  There is just something about the smell of fresh pine trees. Do you feel the same way?! The smell never gets old, and your body just feels fresher after being amongst the trees for days at a time. I’m not sure if Can-Am was whisking us away to some wild British Columbia, Canada location to clear our minds 

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the staffthe staff   June 05, 2019   0

  Since the Honda Talon was released, there have been those that screamed for more power. Well, with the availability of a Jackson Racing Turbo kit that bolts onto any Talon version offering an 80% increase in power, power is not a problem! The Jackson Racing Turbo has been developed side-by-side with Honda

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   May 23, 2019   0

  I don’t know how Yamaha does it, but its employees manage to keep a lid on machines that haven’t been released. They are stoic and smile when I ask questions about something that might be in the works, but no information or even a hint is acknowledge and certainly not said. When I got the invite to a new machine introduction, I was awash with speculation

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Air CordeiroAir Cordeiro   May 10, 2019   0

   Honda, a company that has roots in so many industries, is finally enjoying the fruits of their labors after developing a side-by-side for the sport segment of the market! As I’m sure all of you will join me in saying, it’s been a long time coming for Big Red to unveil a sport UTV. Frankly, as we look at the big picture and the industry as a whole right now,  it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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Air CordeiroAir Cordeiro   April 26, 2019   0

  The Polaris RZR lineup has enjoyed many great years of success behind a strong lineup of off-road vehicles, and, as a company, Polaris continues to push the technology and development of their new vehicles with each passing year. It was no surprise that 2018 brought about more new models in the RZR lineup, and perhaps the most celebrated model was the XP Turbo S. Recognized as Polaris’ first foray

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the staffthe staff   March 08, 2019   0

 Casey and I just got back from the Honda Talon ride event, where we got to ride both the Talon 1000R and Talon 1000X in different environments. We had a great time and certainly learned a lot about the Honda Talon. Honda did good with its first sport side-by-side in the Talon. Below are 

7 results - showing 1 - 7  

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