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ThejarnoldThejarnold   January 08, 2021   0

 The more time I spend riding any given ATV, the more “things” come to the surface as to the good and bad of an ATV or side-by-side. This is the case of the Can-Am Outlander 1000R XT-P, after over a year of time across many different terrains. Below are five things that found to be great about the Can-Am Outlander 1000R XT-P.

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   October 30, 2020   0

 With all the Crossbar Offroad Park talk the last couple of weeks, I wanted to take some time to share some of the things I learned about Honda’s Rubicon 520 during the adventure. I have spent a good bit of time aboard the Rubicon 520 at this point, but Crossbar’s rocks and rocky terrain taught me some things about this ATV my previous riding 

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   October 30, 2020   0

  An ATV should be fun to ride! Sure, there are many (myself included) who use an ATV to get the job done, but… there are times we still want to throw it into a corner and accelerate out with a power slide, or push that throttle on a long straight away. In those moments an ATV should be fun to ride. If you 

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   March 27, 2020   0

  Throughout history there are legends that we know by name. Albert Einstein, Picasso, and John Wayne come to mind just to name a few. In the ATV world there is one name that comes to mind immediately, and that is the Yamaha Grizzly. The Grizzly has made a name for itself for many reasons, and it seems to embody what an ATV should be. The Grizzly is a measuring stick, a standard,

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the staffthe staff   March 06, 2020   0

 Twenty-nineteen proved to be a big year for the Outlander. The Outlander took the title of the most powerful production utility ATV ever, coming in at 91-horsepower spouting out of its 1000R Rotax V-Twin engine. “Overhaul” was the name of the game as the Outlander received its first big update in several years, which included a new suspension, the addition of iTC aka Intelligent Throttle Control

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   January 17, 2020   0

  Honda has been shooting out new and updated models for 2020 with one of the biggest updates being to the 2020 Rubicon. In June I had the opportunity to not only ride a new 2020 Rubicon for the first time during the 2020 model reveal, but I brought one back to our ATV ESCAPE World Headquarters (I enjoy saying that) for some long term

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Air CordeiroAir Cordeiro   December 04, 2019   0

Ditch the steering wheel, ditch the seatbelt, and come along for a ride… It’s time to strap on your boots, a Moto helmet, and leathers (okay, maybe I’m dating myself with that last one…) to hop aboard two Yamaha special edition quads that truly epitomize what sport quads should be in the market today!

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Air CordeiroAir Cordeiro   October 25, 2019   0


It’s true that the Grizzly is a jack-of-all-trades and truly a master of some of those trades. For 2020, the Grizzly trudges along with minor updates in the form of the new XT-R edition. Find out of first thoughts of this machine, here!

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   April 16, 2019   0

  I am a big ATV fan. I am a side-by-side fan also, but ATVs have a special place in my heart because it was aboard an ATV that my passion for off-road and off-road adventure bloomed into a full-blown obsession! There is just something about swinging a leg over an ATV, heading off on the trail into the unknown, and being able to interact with the environment that comes with riding an ATV. Does any of this ring a bell with any of you? I bet it 

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the staffthe staff   January 29, 2019   0

   Climb aboard with us as we review the new 2019 Can-Am Outlander 850 in this video review. 

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   October 07, 2016   0

  I have been a fan of the ACE from the moment it was released. 2017 finds the ACE platform with many changes that seem to have brought this machine to a stable place in the Polaris lineup. The most notable of the changes for the 570 ACE is the addition of the SP model which has a dual a-arm front suspension and sway bars in the front and rear, making the ride so much more responsive and comfortable compared to the strut setup on the ACE and

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   September 28, 2016   0

  At a glance, it is easy to notice the Xtreme Sport Sportsman models have had a facelift, coupled with a power upgrade on the 1000 model to the tune of 90 horsepower, making it the “King Of The Hill” in the utility ATV market.  I am a fan of the new aggressive look with hard lines on the Sportsman 1000 and 850 ATVs. The new “look” offers better sight-lines, steel reinforced racks, dual zone sculpted seat, LED tail lights, and integrated storage in both the front and rear. There is even a built-in cup/mobile phone holder,

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   May 22, 2016   0

 There are so many things beyond just the power of an ATV which make an ATV special, but power seems to be what is on most riders minds when looking at an ATV today. The idea that you can own the biggest and best seems to drive us to buy the highest powered machines available. Monstrous power by itself can do more harm than good, similar to strapping a jet engine on a bicycle. Nobody wins in that scenario! Power must be merged with an ATV that has the ride, suspension, and other refinements to make that ATV a pleasure to own and ride.  Power must be pounded into the ATV in such a way that it is able

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   April 20, 2016   0

 It has been merely a year and half since Polaris rocked the ATV/side-by-side market by coming out with a completely new kind of vehicle in the Polaris ACE. Some applauded, some jeered, and some, including me, spent some quality time analyzing what the ACE was and what it wasn’t. After riding it, I became a believer that it was a hit. I still remember thinking it was one of the most fun rides I had ever had, after the first time I stepped into the cab and turned the key

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the staffthe staff   March 18, 2016   0

 Owning property of any size means that you will eventually find yourself needing a tool that is mobile, versatile and easily functional. The fact that you will need to haul and tow or even drag material at some point around the property means you need a stable platform to do so and with plenty of power. This is where the newest and potentially the longest machine in the Can-Am Outlander line comes into play. The new 2016 Can-Am Outlander 6X6 is now ready for the shed space you have been reserving for just such a tool! We had a chance

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   August 05, 2015   0

Ride along with us as we take the brand new 2016 Yamaha Grizzly out for a ride to see what we think about the number one selling big bore ATV.


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ThejarnoldThejarnold   June 01, 2015   2

Honda has come out swinging for 2015 with a plethora of updated and refined machines, and ,  just like that, Honda jumps into the pack of recreational trail riding ATVs. One of these BIG updates comes in the form of the 2015 Honda Foreman Rubicon, and the word “update” doesn’t do the Foreman Rubicon any kind of justice. It is completely and utterly new, 

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   March 24, 2015   1

Do you smell that, that new ATV smell? That new smell in the air is the brand new Arctic Cat XR ATV family, which is the latest and greatest addition to the Arctic Cat lineup. 2015 is proving to be a banner year for Arctic Cat as it delivers updates to current product families as well as breaking ground on new ones, and it is popping out the “new” the way ……. Arctic Cat shot me an email to come join them for a day of seat time aboard this new XR ATV in Moab, Utah,

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   January 27, 2014   0

“What is it?” was the question asked by all of us as we pulled up to the Hidden Falls riding area in Marble Falls, TX, followed by a few “ooh’s and aah’s” as we caught our first glances at the brand new Polaris Sportsman ACE. Looking at an ATV with a steering wheel and bucket seat resulted in the word “interesting” coming from my mouth, as I exited the bus and walked up to the Polaris ACE. My mind raced as I tried to come to grips with what I was looking at. Was it an ATV, UTV, or something completely different? All of us media folks stared at the ACE wondering what to make of it. The ACE is nothing like I had ever seen, and

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   May 16, 2013   2

We at ATVESCAPE have the privilege of riding and demoing many different ATVs and UTVs, and that is one of the best parts of what we do here. We have now ridden Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, and some others, but we have never had the opportunity to ride any Yamahas, until last month. None of us at ATVESCAPE have had any real “seat time” on a Yamaha, but know Yamaha machines are great machines, which have a loyal following. So this year

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   April 19, 2013   1

People use their ATVs for several different things. Many of us simply use our ATVs for the purpose of FUN, which is the greatest reason. ATVs can take us on adventures like no other vehicle on the planet, and allow us the ability to see and experience things we cannot experience any other way. Whether we hit the trail for adventure or hit the mud hole for adventure, fun is the end result. 

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the staffthe staff   August 02, 2012   2

What do you get when you have desert trails, mountainous terrain, ninety-degree weather, and two Kawasaki Brute Force ATVs? What you get is a whole lot of fun along with the ability to experience what Kawasaki brings to the table in the ATV market. Kawasaki proves it doesn’t rest on its laurels when it comes to improving its Brute Force lineup year after year, and in the year 2012 more power and power steering lead the list of innovations that standout on the Brute Force 750i 4x4 EPS.

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Texas RedTexas Red   November 19, 2010   2

With all the continued hype about the completely new Polaris Sportsman XP series as being the best ATV yet, we at ATVESCAPE wanted to have the chance to put some miles on another one. Based upon our test of the 2009 Sportsman XP 850 {include_title_only_href 423}, we concluded the hype and great reviews of the Polaris XP series was earned and deserved! The two words we used to describe the new Sportsman XP series after 600 miles on one in 10 days were “refined” and “smooth”. We expected no less of the newest test model from Polaris.

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   January 12, 2010   0

The completely redesigned Polaris Sportsman 850 XP EPS is a power producing ATV with a refined ride, a solid power steering unit, and a fun factor of eleven on a one to ten scale.  With its release in 2009 the Polaris Sportsman marks the first complete redesign since its original release. Polaris says the only item on the Sportsman that is the same as the previous model is the gearshift. Going over the new Sportsman from top to bottom proves this statement to be true, and oh what changes have been made to this machine. Highlights include a new 850cc longitudinally mounted engine, more wheel travel, power steering, and more aggressive styling. Being absolute ATV nuts here at ATVESCAPE, we had read many articles about this new ATV and desperately wanted to get behind the handlebars of this beast. 

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