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the staffthe staff   August 02, 2012   2

What do you get when you have desert trails, mountainous terrain, ninety-degree weather, and two Kawasaki Brute Force ATVs? What you get is a whole lot of fun along with the ability to experience what Kawasaki brings to the table in the ATV market. Kawasaki proves it doesn’t rest on its laurels when it comes to improving its Brute Force lineup year after year, and in the year 2012 more power and power steering lead the list of innovations that standout on the Brute Force 750i 4x4 EPS.

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   April 11, 2012   2

So this year at the 2012 High Lifter Mud Nationals, we at ATVESCAPE.COM had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of two different Can-Am Commander models including the Commander 1000 X and Commander 1000 Limited. After a little seat time, we can see the Can-Am Commander is a beast to be reckoned with and in summary: WE LOVE IT!

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the staffthe staff   February 17, 2012   0

So here is the question: Can an ATV-pickup with a 50" width, steering wheel, 760cc's of power, a roll cage, foot pedals, a glove box , and seats next to each other offer as much fun and capability as I have come to expect from an ATV? Now this our first time at ATVESCAPE.COM to get into the cockpit of a UTV for a test, and we had no idea what to expect. Having driven a Kawasaki Mule, some golf carts, and lots of ATVs and trucks, we were really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the RZR (and have been since it came out in 2008).

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Texas RedTexas Red   November 19, 2010   2

With all the continued hype about the completely new Polaris Sportsman XP series as being the best ATV yet, we at ATVESCAPE wanted to have the chance to put some miles on another one. Based upon our test of the 2009 Sportsman XP 850 {include_title_only_href 423}, we concluded the hype and great reviews of the Polaris XP series was earned and deserved! The two words we used to describe the new Sportsman XP series after 600 miles on one in 10 days were “refined” and “smooth”. We expected no less of the newest test model from Polaris.

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   January 12, 2010   0

The completely redesigned Polaris Sportsman 850 XP EPS is a power producing ATV with a refined ride, a solid power steering unit, and a fun factor of eleven on a one to ten scale.  With its release in 2009 the Polaris Sportsman marks the first complete redesign since its original release. Polaris says the only item on the Sportsman that is the same as the previous model is the gearshift. Going over the new Sportsman from top to bottom proves this statement to be true, and oh what changes have been made to this machine. Highlights include a new 850cc longitudinally mounted engine, more wheel travel, power steering, and more aggressive styling. Being absolute ATV nuts here at ATVESCAPE, we had read many articles about this new ATV and desperately wanted to get behind the handlebars of this beast. 

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the staffthe staff   May 06, 2009   1

With the weather supposed to be in the mid 70’s and cloudy, I headed off into the unknown to explore and conquer a riding park in Southern Oklahoma named Lake Murray ATV Park. I was not exactly sure what to expect as I headed out, but as always I was thrilled and excited to get to ride. One thing was obvious as I pulled into the parking lot: This is a popular place!

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the staffthe staff   March 11, 2009   2

Space! Space is something all off-road enthusiasts crave--space where we can stretch our legs and explore, as well as space where we can get "lost" and conquer what is "out there." People like us can never have too much space. Crossbar Ranch is an off-road enthusiast's paradise because space is what it has in abundance. With over 2800 of the 6500 total acres dedicated to ATV, UTV, and dirt bike trails, space is not lacking in any way. With 38 miles of trails cut, and more being added, Crossbar has just scratched the surface of the amount of space it has available.

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the staffthe staff   December 15, 2008   0
In my riding experiences, I can’t say I have ever been on a ride I didn’t enjoy even though I have had my share of mishaps.  There is nothing like pulling up to the gate or trailhead of a place to ride and having that feeling of impending exploration and conquest.  All of us have had rides, however, which remain in our minds as extra special or memorable. Every ride I have had at Red River Motorcycle Trails has always been one of those special rides. Something happens
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the staffthe staff   November 04, 2008   0
The weather was a beautiful Texas fall day, when the opportunity presented itself to do some trail riding and explore an ATV/dirt bike park I had wanted to ride for a great many months. Everything I had heard about this park was positive, and I had been looking forward to checking it out first hand. I would soon find out that I would not be disappointed.
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