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Air CordeiroAir Cordeiro   October 17, 2019   0



Life is truly better SXS, and Honda has deployed this marketing slogan to great effectiveness. However, does the Talon 1000X-4 live up to all the hype? It has all of the essentials to make this all-new UTV a great option in the 4-seat sport market, and we are bringing you all of our thoughts after our First Drive. Read more, here! 

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   October 12, 2019   0

  We just got back from riding the new 2020 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000, and what a whirlwind trip that turned out to be! I wound up driving the Teryx KRX 1000 for about 3 hours on a closed course with different obstacles to tackle. In retrospect this was a learning experience that left me with more questions than answers because of the limited time we had aboard the Teryx KRX 1000, but it did help me form some initial impressions

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the staffthe staff   October 04, 2019   0

  We just got back from riding all of the brand spanking new 2020 Can-Am Defender models including the Defender Pro, Defender 6x6, and Defender Limited. What did we think? Well you can find out what we thought about the Defender Pro and Defender 6x6 by watching our First Ride After Action video below which is filled with 26 minutes of excellent commentary for your viewing pleasure! We walk 

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Air CordeiroAir Cordeiro   August 09, 2019   0

  There is just something about the smell of fresh pine trees. Do you feel the same way?! The smell never gets old, and your body just feels fresher after being amongst the trees for days at a time. I’m not sure if Can-Am was whisking us away to some wild British Columbia, Canada location to clear our minds 

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the staffthe staff   June 05, 2019   0

  Since the Honda Talon was released, there have been those that screamed for more power. Well, with the availability of a Jackson Racing Turbo kit that bolts onto any Talon version offering an 80% increase in power, power is not a problem! The Jackson Racing Turbo has been developed side-by-side with Honda

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   May 23, 2019   0

  I don’t know how Yamaha does it, but its employees manage to keep a lid on machines that haven’t been released. They are stoic and smile when I ask questions about something that might be in the works, but no information or even a hint is acknowledge and certainly not said. When I got the invite to a new machine introduction, I was awash with speculation

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Air CordeiroAir Cordeiro   May 10, 2019   0

   Honda, a company that has roots in so many industries, is finally enjoying the fruits of their labors after developing a side-by-side for the sport segment of the market! As I’m sure all of you will join me in saying, it’s been a long time coming for Big Red to unveil a sport UTV. Frankly, as we look at the big picture and the industry as a whole right now,  it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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Air CordeiroAir Cordeiro   April 26, 2019   0

  The Polaris RZR lineup has enjoyed many great years of success behind a strong lineup of off-road vehicles, and, as a company, Polaris continues to push the technology and development of their new vehicles with each passing year. It was no surprise that 2018 brought about more new models in the RZR lineup, and perhaps the most celebrated model was the XP Turbo S. Recognized as Polaris’ first foray

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   April 16, 2019   0

  I am a big ATV fan. I am a side-by-side fan also, but ATVs have a special place in my heart because it was aboard an ATV that my passion for off-road and off-road adventure bloomed into a full-blown obsession! There is just something about swinging a leg over an ATV, heading off on the trail into the unknown, and being able to interact with the environment that comes with riding an ATV. Does any of this ring a bell with any of you? I bet it 

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the staffthe staff   March 08, 2019   0

 Casey and I just got back from the Honda Talon ride event, where we got to ride both the Talon 1000R and Talon 1000X in different environments. We had a great time and certainly learned a lot about the Honda Talon. Honda did good with its first sport side-by-side in the Talon. Below are 

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the staffthe staff   January 29, 2019   0

   Climb aboard with us as we review the new 2019 Can-Am Outlander 850 in this video review. 

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   December 13, 2017   0

  One of the absolute best parts of experiencing the outdoors, trail riding, and adventure is including friends and family. Taking more than one passenger along for the ride is becoming more and more of an issue as more and more riders have families that include kids. In a world that seems to revolve around small screens, getting out and seeing 

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   October 17, 2017   0

   I had the opportunity to put some miles on Can-Am's first 50-inch side-by-side the Maverick Trail. We put together this video review highlighting the Maverick Trail's many good points and a couple which could use some tweaking. The Maverick Trail might just be the best 50-inch side-by-side on the market with an incredibly comfortable ride and comfortable interior.

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   September 07, 2017   0

   ATV ESCAPE brings you a review video of the brand new 2018 Polaris XP Turbo DYNAMIX Edition including the DYNAMIX Active Suspension technology with RIDE COMMAND that reads the terrain 200 times per second and adjust the dampening of the shocks according to the terrain.  

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   May 11, 2017   0

The Wolverine, in all of its forms, really falls into the rec-utility segment where the RZR S, Teryx, Commander 800, and Pioneer 700 seem to play. The Wolverine is Yamaha’s primary focused trail side-by-side, and it has the “goods” to excel at exploring the outdoors via trails all across the Country, and, in many ways, is a cut above the competition. I have had a chance to do a full review and video review which you can find below, but I recently had the opportunity to climb aboard the 2017

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the staffthe staff   February 01, 2017   0

   It's no secret that big horsepower equals big fun, but how much horsepower is too much horsepower? Is there such a thing as too much horsepower? The UTV industry is clearly under the impression that there is no limit to the horsepower that a vehicle can have, and this has never been more present than now with the horsepower wars continuing between Can-Am and Polaris. 

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the staffthe staff   January 18, 2017   0

  Polaris jumped into the recreational side-by-side market with a very competent machine in the General. Released less than a year ago, this machine has sold well for the company and offered Polaris buyers an alternative to the pure sport RZR lineup and the pure utility Ranger lineup. It was no surprise that they were going to release a 4-seat General at some point in the near future, and it just so happens that 2017 was the model year they chose to do it. After garnering a significant amount

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the staffthe staff   October 13, 2016   0

 The UTV industry is molding itself into a segment of the off-road market that resembles the automotive industry more and more, especially with each new model year. Manufacturers are unleashing refinements with yearly updates to each vehicle, and have you noticed how intense the horsepower wars are getting? There is some serious one-upmanship going on, and we have been taking notice…  

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   October 07, 2016   0

  I have been a fan of the ACE from the moment it was released. 2017 finds the ACE platform with many changes that seem to have brought this machine to a stable place in the Polaris lineup. The most notable of the changes for the 570 ACE is the addition of the SP model which has a dual a-arm front suspension and sway bars in the front and rear, making the ride so much more responsive and comfortable compared to the strut setup on the ACE and

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   September 28, 2016   0

  At a glance, it is easy to notice the Xtreme Sport Sportsman models have had a facelift, coupled with a power upgrade on the 1000 model to the tune of 90 horsepower, making it the “King Of The Hill” in the utility ATV market.  I am a fan of the new aggressive look with hard lines on the Sportsman 1000 and 850 ATVs. The new “look” offers better sight-lines, steel reinforced racks, dual zone sculpted seat, LED tail lights, and integrated storage in both the front and rear. There is even a built-in cup/mobile phone holder,

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   May 22, 2016   0

 There are so many things beyond just the power of an ATV which make an ATV special, but power seems to be what is on most riders minds when looking at an ATV today. The idea that you can own the biggest and best seems to drive us to buy the highest powered machines available. Monstrous power by itself can do more harm than good, similar to strapping a jet engine on a bicycle. Nobody wins in that scenario! Power must be merged with an ATV that has the ride, suspension, and other refinements to make that ATV a pleasure to own and ride.  Power must be pounded into the ATV in such a way that it is able

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   May 18, 2016   0

  There is a new kid in the ATV/UTV town, and it is one that needs to be reckoned with. Bad Boy Off Road has just released its first in a long line of side-by-sides called the Stampede, and, after riding it for a day in Moab, I found it to be a legit side-by-side that stands side-by-side with the other major players in the market. Bad Boy Off Road is owned by Textron Specialized vehicles, which owns other brands you have heard of including E-Z-GO, Cushman, TUG, McDonald Douglas, and Bad Boy Buggies to name a few. What this means is

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the staffthe staff   May 15, 2016   0

  When Kawasaki asked what we wanted to test this time around, we had work on the mind! That lead to a Mule Pro showing up, and more specifically, a Mule-Pro FXT. This is not our first rodeo with the Mule Pro-FXT and its rather transformative feature. The redesigned Mule Pro was brought into the side-by-side/UTV world in 2015, complete with all new…everything. It has a torquey three-cylinder 812cc engine, a cab that holds 3 or 6 people depending

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the staffthe staff   May 09, 2016   0

 We at ATV ESCAPE recently asked Yamaha for a side-by-side to help with the chores around our Homestead headquarters, since managing land is an ongoing challenge. Some of the chores include working fence lines, cutting trees and brush, moving said wood and brush, towing trailers, and hauling ourselves to the locations that need attention. Yamaha obliged us by sending a Viking EPS that fits the bill for this kind of work.

Glancing at the Viking conjures up images of hauling stuff

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   April 20, 2016   0

 It has been merely a year and half since Polaris rocked the ATV/side-by-side market by coming out with a completely new kind of vehicle in the Polaris ACE. Some applauded, some jeered, and some, including me, spent some quality time analyzing what the ACE was and what it wasn’t. After riding it, I became a believer that it was a hit. I still remember thinking it was one of the most fun rides I had ever had, after the first time I stepped into the cab and turned the key

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the staffthe staff   March 18, 2016   0

 Owning property of any size means that you will eventually find yourself needing a tool that is mobile, versatile and easily functional. The fact that you will need to haul and tow or even drag material at some point around the property means you need a stable platform to do so and with plenty of power. This is where the newest and potentially the longest machine in the Can-Am Outlander line comes into play. The new 2016 Can-Am Outlander 6X6 is now ready for the shed space you have been reserving for just such a tool! We had a chance

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the staffthe staff   February 18, 2016   0

With every new demo unit comes the need to outfit that unit with the “essentials” for that type of machine. The first of the “essentials” for any side-by-side is a roof to keep the sun or rain from turning this pale guy into a tomato or a wet dog. So when our RZR demo arrived, I started looking around for a roof to adorn the roll cage, and after a little research an EMP roof was what I wanted. There is a lot to like

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the staffthe staff   January 20, 2016   0

One of the top critical accessories that fall into the “must have” category is a good winch. A winch can mean the difference between returning to camp or not, so we generally put one on every machine we get. There is nothing like burying your machine in the mud somewhere off in the sunset, hitting the switch

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the staffthe staff   January 13, 2016   0

Two-hundred fifty miles and a set of 4-point seat belt harnesses – what is the significance of these items? It just so happens that these are precisely what I needed in order to fully evaluate the capabilities of our 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo. Indeed, a full evaluation of such a capable machine takes longer than just a typical 25 miles and a standard seat belt. Just like the other sport UTV’s that have been released lately, the RZR XP Turbo is a machine that gives new life to the mantra, “go anywhere and do anything”. 

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ThejarnoldThejarnold   December 23, 2015   0

Yamaha’s big announcement about the YXZ1000R on September 1st captured the industry’s attention, imagination, and heart, similar to a kid on Christmas Eve waiting to unwrap the big gift under the tree.  Yamaha has always been a sport company, and the unveiling of the YXZ1000R once again reminded the world that they do “sport” with the best of them. What was clear at the unveiling was the different pure sport experience that was in store for drivers of this new pure sport side-by-side. With a 5-speed manual transmission


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