Arkansas Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Association (AOCA)

Our Mission

The Arkansas Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Association (AOCA) represents off-highway vehicle (OHV) interests in Arkansas and works on recreation issues in cooperation with land managers, legislators and educators to conserve, expand, enhance and protect responsible OHV recreation opportunities.


Our Objectives

• Develop working relationships with land managers to improve and protect OHV recreational access within Arkansas.
• Organize and build unity between OHV interests.
• Promote communication with community officials on interests and concerns of the motorized OHV community.
• Establish working relationships with local, state, federal, and private land managers to promote communication and cooperation.
• Communicate to individual OHV enthusiasts the importance and benefits of joining an OHV organization.
• Establish a website and print materials to promote communication and interaction with all OHV organizations and enthusiasts.
• Educate the public, clubs, organizations, governmental bodies, OHV enthusiasts, and businesses regarding motorized OHV safety, ethics and environmental issues.
• Promote responsible riding ethics among enthusiasts through educational programs, materials and by example.

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