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Osar Lake Information

Oscar Lake is located at milepost 10 on the Denali Highway and lies less than 1/2 mile off the paved road. Osar Lake is located just east of the Maclaren river about milepost 50 on the Denali Highway. The trail head (Osar Lake Trail is a signed trail) for the Osar Lake trail is atop Maclaren summit, the highest point on the Denali Highway. Another item of interest - Osar Lake and the Osar Lake Trail lie within the boundries of the Tangle Lakes Archaeological District while Oscar Lake is outside of the District.

There are some restrictions for trail use within the Archaeological District of which you should be aware. Basically, ORVs may use Signed Trails but ORVs may NOT be operated off of the signed trails.

More detailed information may be obtained at the Bureau of Land Management Office in Glennallen, Alaska or at the lodges along the Denali Highway. These include; Paxson Lodge, milepost 0 Denali Highway; Tangle River Inn, milepost 21 Denali Highway; Tangle River Lodge, milepost 23 Denali Highway; Maclaren River Lodge, at the Maclaren River crossing; and Gracious House, approximately milepost 88 Denali Highway.

Word of caution.The Denali Highway is not maintained year-round and is opened around mid-May depending upon the winter. Paxson Lodge is open all year but the other lodges do not open, usually, until mid-May, if they open at all. Gracious House is not usually open for full business until after 1 June ....

Osar Lake
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