Cement Creek Road Trail

Great trail that offers all levels of riding ability. You can park and camp at the trailhead. Cement Creek Road is 740 and is easy for a great majority of the way. Great scenery and adventure. The second half is a little more difficult, and the expert part of the trail, the climb to the top of Mount Tilton is at the very end. It can be avoided if you are not comfortable riding it. It is fun though. There are also some side trails to explore. You can get to this trail through Taylor Park using the Reno Ridge Trail and then taking Reno Ridge Divide Trail. You can also get to this trail out of Crested Butte. There is a seasonal gate which they open after the road dries in late spring. Call the Forest Service to find out if it is open.

Gunnison Ranger District
Gunnison National Forest
Trail Miles
ATV, Dirt Bike, Truck, UTV
General Trail, Hills, River, Rocks, Snow
Skill Level
Easy, Intermediate, Experienced, Expert
Camping, Restrooms, Wildlife Viewing, Fishing
You can get to the trailhead from Crested Butte by taking Highway 135 to Cement Creek Road 740, or you can take Reno Ridge Trail and Reno Divide Trail from the Taylor Park area.
Riding Requirements
OHV Sticker
Dealer Brands