Badlands Off Road Park


The Rules:

The following rules are to be acknowledged and respected by everyone who enters the Badlands!!! By signing a release of liability or waiver, you understand and have agreed to all of these rules!!!

No one under the age of 18 is allowed to check-in without a parent or proof of legal guardianship.  You cannot check in someone else’s child, including a stepparent, without notarized consent forms, Waiver and Medical info.  Forms are available at the BadlandsTMoffice or can be mailed, faxed or downloaded off the website. 

1. All participants (driver/rider/passenger) must fill out a current waiver and check in at the registration office.  Everyone must show a valid I.D. at time of check-in.

2. All minors (driver/rider/passengers) must bring signed, notarized minor forms with them if not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

3. All participants must display an orange safety flag.  SUV/4x4’s must have the flag at least two feet above the highest point of the vehicle (not just the roof).  ATV’s must have the flag at least two feet above the helmet.  All children must have the standard 6’+ pole.

4. Seatbelts must be worn at all times while driving on BadlandsTM grounds.  Infants and children must be restrained in an appropriate child safety seat.

5. No alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms, or weapons are allowed on BadlandsTM property.  No person may be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any substances that may hinder thinking ability or reaction time.  Coolers will be checked prior to entering the Park.

6. All SUV/4x4’s must be insured.  We suggest you abide by what YOUR State law is regarding ATV registration.  We are not a law enforcement agency.

7. All SUV/4x4 ‘s must have at least one tow point (example: tow hook or receiver hitch).  Front and rear tow points are mandatory for the harder trails along with a winch and locker.

8. All SUV’s must have the following:  proper roll-over protection (i.e. roll bar, roof) to include the passengers, battery tie down (no bungee cords), seatbelts for everyone in the vehicle, tow point(s), trash bag for liquid spills, flag and wristbands.

9. Speed limit for everyone is 15 mph in the parking areas and on all main and two way roads.  All vehicles/machines must be in control at all times.

10. Parking lot is for parking.  No tricks or horseplay.  Please do not cause commotion or damage to other vehicles.  You will be held responsible!

11. All trails are 2-way use.  No blind jumping.

12. Please tread lightly.  Please use tree saver straps, the correct size tree, etc.  No one is allowed to cut down a tree, for any reason. 

13. Travel only where motorized vehicles are permitted.  Do not blaze a new trails.  Do not ride in a field! You will be prosecuted by the field owner!

14. Cross streams only at designated crossings.  Avoid lake and swamp areas.

15. No disorderly conduct; No littering; No tobacco products may be deposited on BadlandsTM property (Cigarette Butts, Cigars, Chewing Tobacco, etc.).  This includes the parking lot as well as the trails.

Best places to ride
3968 North Xavier, Attica, 47918, Indiana
866 762 2981
ATV, Dirt Bike, Truck, UTV
General Trail, Hills, Mud Bog, Rocks, Sand Dunes, Snow, Track
Skill Level
Easy, Intermediate, Experienced, Expert
Camping, Concessions, Pavilion, Rentals, Restrooms, Service, Store, Pets
1-day pass: $20
OCT-NOV: 9am-5pm daily
DEC-FEB: 9am-5pm THU-MON
MAR-APR: 9am-5pm daily
MAY-SEP: 9am-5pm SUN-THU
MAY-SEP: 9am-7pm FRI-SAT
Dealer Brands