Kisatchie National Forest: Kisatchie Ranger District


Spread across seven parishes in Louisiana, divided into five managed units that are called Ranger Districts that total over 604,000 acres of public lands. Hidden in the bayous underneath the bald cypress groves and old growth pine lies a world of natural beauty, excitement, learning, recreation, resources and wildlife in their purest form. Come visit the National Forest inside the state that is known as "Sportspersons' Paradise", the Kisatchie National Forest

New ATV Rules in Kisatchie National Forest

New ATV Rules in Kisatchie National Forest

PINEVILLE—On August 1 the U.S. Forest Service implemented new motorized transportation rules within the Kisatchie National Forest. After a four year study, numerous public meetings and comment periods, the Forest Service completed an environmental assessment supporting the National Transportation Management Rule. The Rule affected every national forest in the nation. Kisatchie has been different from many national forest in that the forest has been open for cross-country transportation unless posted closed. Now, with the new rule in place, Kisatchie is more like most other national forests, national wildlife refuges, Corps of Engineers Parks and other federal land areas. The main points to remember about the new policy are: all motorized vehicles must stay on a route designated for that purpose; cross-country motorized travel is not allowed; night riding is not allowed and motorized retrieval of large game cross-country is not allowed; the closed roads and trails are not set in stone because the maps will be reprinted each year. “I am very concerned about comments I have heard concerning the new rule”, said Forest Supervisor, Gretta Boley. “I know that as far as the game retrieval part is concerned, a burden is placed on the disabled, senior citizens and for that matter anyone that shoots a deer or hog a long way from a designated road or trail. However this is a national rule that is being implemented on all national forests.” On the positive side, the new policy will definitely cut down on the amount of stream bank damage and erosion caused by four wheelers in and around streams. “I have been shocked by the damage to soil, water and vegetation that I have seen,” Boley continued. “The Kisatchie is a national treasure and it’s my job to protect it. Unfortunately some good hunters, campers and other good recreationists are adversely affected by this rule.” However, again on the positive side, hunters can enjoy their sport without a group of four wheelers driving cross-country and spoiling a good deer or turkey hunt. Visitors to places deep in the Forest can enjoy the experience without hearing motorized vehicles. Wildlife will not be disturbed by night riding. Now, this is how the public can easily understand which roads and trails are open to motorized use. Go to your nearest Kisatchie National Forest office. They are located in Pineville, Bellwood, Winnfield, Bentley, Gardner and Homer. Visitors should pick up a Motor Vehicle Use Map and a Transportation Management Brochure. For additional information please contact any of the Kisatchie District Rangers or contact Public Affairs and Recreation Staff Officer Jim Caldwell at 318-473-7168 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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