Kewaunee County Riverview ATV Park

Developed in 1996, the 20 miles of trail within Kewaunee County’s Riverview ATV Park offer the kind of challenges that make for great riding. This ATV paradise offers a slice of everything: twisting trails through woods and open areas, a hill climb, rhythm jump trail, intense use trail, a trail for kids and a large picnic area on the shore of a pond. The creation of the 220-acre ATV-only park was a joint project between the local Bay Lake ATV Club and Kewaunee County. Riverview ATV Park is an excellent example of ATV registration monies used to finance the construction of ATV facilities. The park’s entrance road (Maple Road or Cty L) divides it into two sectors. Wide, sweeping trails to the north beckon riders of all abilities. Near the very north end of the park a hill climb area allows experienced riders to test the engine strength and traction capabilities of their quads. Make it to the top and you can check out the view of the surrounding countryside. To the south, you can enjoy twisting trails under a canopy of thick trees. This area offers a variety of conditions; from rolling terrain to flat, open areas. The trail here is just the ticket for those looking for adventurous riding. The southern portion of the park also offers several opportunities to test your mettle. An oval-shaped trail near the southern end of the park might not look like much at first glance, but its rhythm bumps will test your technical riding skill. To the east, an Intense Use Trail dips, dives and turns over a variety of terrain reminiscent of a carnival thrill ride. A final feature of the southern sector is an oval Kiddie Trail.
May 1 until the snowmobile trails open, 6am to dusk. The park is closed during the state’s regular gun deer hunting season; from one week prior to Thanksgiving to the Monday after Thanksgiving.
Trail Miles
ATV, Dirt Bike
General Trail, Hills, Mud Bog, Pond, Rocks
Skill Level
Easy, Intermediate, Experienced
Dealer Brands
May 1 until the snowmobile trails open